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Reduce Siding Maintenance in Seattle, WA

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Siding maintenance is easy to forget about because you don’t usually inspect the exterior of your home until you notice something is wrong. With a little routine care and an annual inspection from siding contractors in Seattle, you won’t have to worry about cracks or pests penetrating the outer wall of your home.

Minimal routine maintenance will prevent you from spending hours fixing cracks and washing mildew off the side of your house only to realize the problem requires a call to siding install in Seattle. Below are some tips on preventing costly damage and how siders in Seattle, Washington, can help.

What You Can Do

Regular check-ups are the best and easiest way to ensure that your siding is in top shape. If you notice any cracks, missing pieces, mildew, mold, or evidence of pests, you want to fix the damage right away. Siding contractors in Seattle recommend that your exterior receives a check-up at least once a year.

Don’t forget about the paint that covers your siding. This extra layer doesn’t just make your home look good; it also provides additional protection against the elements. If the pain starts to flake or deteriorate, your home is more susceptible to damage. Siders in Seattle, WA, can recommend the best paint for the job.

​Regardless of what material or paint you use, routine upkeep will expand its life and prevent your home from deteriorating from the outside. Siding companies in Seattle, WA, conduct inspections if you are concerned about mold or termites that may have penetrated the surface and fix the problem immediately.

Materials To Work With

The most common siding materials are vinyl, fiber-cement, and wood. They all require a different level of care to keep them in the best shape:

•             Vinyl is one of the most affordable and resilient materials, requiring the least maintenance. Although it is almost maintenance-free, you should routinely wash it to stop mildew buildup and check to spot any missing pieces or cracks. You can also call siders in Seattle, WA, for a professional inspection.

•        Fiber-cement is the most cost-effective and mimics the appearance of wood. This material also requires minimal maintenance but should be checked periodically for cracks and broken pieces. When washing accessible areas, use a low-pressure garden hose and avoid pressure washing.

•           Cedar or wood is a popular choice in the Pacific Northwest, but it requires the most maintenance. It needs to be properly sealed, or moisture, termites, and other pests will shorten its lifespan and leave your home more vulnerable. If you suspect termites have invaded your home, call siders in Seattle, Washington, immediately for help.

Who Can Help

If you need a siding install in Seattle or maintenance repairs, do not hesitate to get help from local experts in Seattle. Repairs will be more costly the longer you wait to rid your home’s exterior of moisture buildup or a termite infestation.

Contact one of the best siding companies in Seattle, WA for siding replacement or installation needs and get the siding you deserve.