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What Is The Best Siding For Sheds?

Are you building a shed? Does your current shed need a new lease of life? Sheds are valued members of the household, and they deserve the best.

That’s why it’s important to choose the best material and work with top siding contractors in Seattle.

What are our concerns? Weather resistance. Durability. Minimal maintenance. Aesthetic appeal. A shed’s siding must serve as a protective element for the structure inside and out.

Here are some tips from leading siding companies in Seattle to get you started.

What’s the Shed For?

First, let’s establish what we’re working with.

Where is the shed located on the property? Is it nestled against the house or at the bottom of the garden?
Do you want it to match the style and color of your home?
What do you want to store in your shed? Is it for garden tools, a lawnmower, or a little off-site studio to grab some peace and quiet?

A Seattle siding company will advise that if you don’t plan to spend much time in the shed, insulation is less important. Meanwhile, if it’s nestled against the house, you may want to choose a material that can be customized and colored to match your home’s aesthetics.

Best Shed Siding Options

Here’s some professional advice from a leading siding company in Seattle on the best materials.


This is available in planks or sheets and can be applied horizontally or vertically. When installed by a professional Seattle siding contractor, vinyl can last for 50+ years.

The pros are that it is very durable, and comes in many colors, textures, and styles. It’s extremely resistant to moisture damage and requires little to no maintenance, although it can be vulnerable to direct UV light.

A siding company in Seattle may also suggest insulated vinyl if you plan to work or relax in your shed. This keeps it warm in winter and is a popular choice for both homes and sheds.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a leading choice for any Seattle siding company when working on residential properties. Does it work as well for sheds?

Of course! While it’s slightly more expensive than vinyl, fiber cement is durable, looks great, and insulates your shed. As mentioned, you should treat your shed with love! Siding contractors in Seattle will be happy to recommend this material.

It’s also a great choice for sheds that stand against the home, as it’s easy to customize and blends perfectly with your home’s aesthetics.


Metal is a popular alternative due to its lifespan and strength. It requires minimal maintenance and is pest, weather, and fire-resistant.

However, not everyone enjoys the aesthetic of metal cladding on a shed. It looks colder and less “homely” than some other materials.
Natural Wood
Offering a wide range of different woods, it blends easily with the surroundings and is aesthetically pleasing. It requires painting every 5-10 years and should be routinely inspected by a siding company in Seattle for wood rot.
A reputable Seattle siding contractor will listen to your needs before helping you decide on the best material. Whether it’s for storage or your brand-new studio, siding companies in Seattle can help you design and complete your new shed.