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Hardie Plank Better Than Wood Siding in Seattle

One of the first things you notice about a house is its siding. That’s why it’s important to make the right decision about whether Hardie plank or wood siding is the best choice for you. Price, durability, and appearance will all factor into what choice is correct for you.​
Before you consult with a Seattle siding contractor, let KV Construction LLC to offer some further insight into the two products, ensuring you’re well-informed for your next home improvement decision.
1. Type of Siding

Before you begin to decide which material to use, it can be beneficial to assess the size of the project. If you are only paneling a section of your house, the labor expected will be a lot less than covering your entire home. Determining this will allow you to contact a Seattle siding company for a free estimate.

They will also answer any lingering questions about the different materials or labor costs. Everyone’s home is unique and will have different circumstances through the construction process. Additionally, the location can influence what makes more sense.

Having an estimate can allow you to visualize set prices for different options and allow you to make an educated decision on what material is right for you.
2. Price Differences

When starting any construction project, price is one of the first things you should consider. Both materials may be relatively close price-wise, but their labor costs can be drastically different. It is a rule of thumb that Hardie plank will typically be more expensive than wood.

Furthermore, Hardie plank requires intensive labor, which can create a larger price gap. This is something to consider when seeing if wood would work as a better option. Though wood is a cheaper material, it comes in a range of types, which makes it difficult to predict the price.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether you’re willing to commit to a more expensive product with an installment fee versus a cheaper material that can be modified for faster installation. Wood can be cut into large pieces, which limits the amount of labor needed.

3. Durability

Besides the aesthetic value, you might be wondering why it would make sense to pay extra for Hardie plank. The answer is the durability it provides. Seattle experiences strong weather that can wear down wooden panels over time and cause them to need replacement.

Hardie planks are designed to last against rough environments and their maintenance is limited. Occasionally, you’ll have to call siding contractors in Seattle to repair cracks, reinforce the caulk, and do other general work on it.

Wood can perform well during extreme temperatures and provide other forms of protection, but the type of wood can impact its functionality.
Final Thoughts

When determining the best choice for your roof, it comes down to personal taste and the expenses you are willing to cover. Both materials have their functional benefits but are tedious in different ways. It is recommended to contact a qualified siding company in Seattle to get a reliable estimate to help you make an informed decision.