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5 Problems with Traditional Cedar Siding

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5 Problems with Traditional Cedar Siding and a Better Option

Cedar cladding can give your home a warm, cozy feel. It also comes in many shapes and patterns, making the material a popular installation for any siding company in Seattle. When it comes to long-term performance, though, there are several issues.​Below we cover some problems a trustworthy Seattle siding contractor may identify with cedar when recommending a material.


Cedar can become quite difficult to treat over the years. Siding contractors in Seattle will tell you that the material’s makeup is prone to chipping, fading, and peeling and needs to be re-painted and re-scraped over the years to maintain its looks.

Regular paint jobs from your Seattle siding company also mean that you’ll be spending more money to maintain its curb appeal. Cedar needs to be primed before being coated over, and if sap from the wood bleeds through and stains your wall, re-doing everything will become tiresome quickly.


Albeit more durable in comparison to other wooden counterparts such as pine, the installation process by your Seattle siding contractor has to be mistake-free, and maintenance has to be spot-on for the cedar to last.

Unfortunately, it’s still susceptible to rotting in areas where moisture build-up is commonplace (doorways, windows). Even with countermeasures such as painting and staining, the sun will eventually cause peeling and chipping.

Limited Selection

Cedar also has somewhat limited customization options compared to some materials. Usually only sold as cedar shingles or horizontal lap siding by siding companies in Seattle, the material doesn’t have much versatility when it comes to giving your designs more contemporary or fashionable looks.


When you’re purchasing a brand-new home, you do so with the idea that it’s yours and the contents of it will last throughout your lifetime – and perhaps your children’s too. Without proper maintenance by a Seattle siding company, cedar can make this difficult.

The material must be regularly maintained by a siding company in Seattle to ensure it reaches its maximum lifespan. Most planks will inevitably need to be replaced after 15 to 25 years. Moreover, replacing the entire facade can be very expensive.


​Cedar siding can (and should) be sustainably sourced by siding companies in Seattle. However, compared to some synthetic materials, it can increase your carbon footprint over your residence’s lifespan.

As alluded to above, wooden planks may need to be replaced before long. Even the regular paint jobs you’ll need to perform release toxins into the atmosphere.

So, Whats a Better Option Than Cedar?

Fiber cement is an extremely durable, rot-resistant material for siding projects. An even better choice is Hardie Board siding from leading manufacturer James Hardie. This material is perfectly designed for the Seattle climate, resists rot, and looks amazing on your home’s exterior.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make long-lasting home improvements, you’ll want to ask your siding contractors in Seattle to install fiber cement or durable Hardie Board cladding. With numerous amazing options to choose from, it’s the perfect long-lasting alternative to cedar.