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5 Signs Vinyl Siding Requires Replacement


Any Seattle siding contractor worth their salt can tell you that vinyl is one of the most popular materials among home builders. Vinyl is both affordable and durable, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. When installed properly, a high-quality vinyl exterior can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years.

​However, factors such as storm damage, pest problems, and long-term weather patterns can shorten the lifespan of your vinyl. Here are five signs it might be time to call in a professional Seattle siding company like KV construction LLC, to replace your vinyl panels.

1. Structural Damage

While vinyl can take a serious beating, heavy impacts like falling trees can knock holes through the panels. Vinyl also degrades naturally over time, which can weaken the overall structure. If you notice cracks or holes, or if the panels have started buckling or detaching from your home, reach out to the top siding companies in Seattle for an estimate on a replacement.

2. Inadequate Installation

Vinyl is the second most popular siding material in the US, so all the best siding contractors in Seattle should know how to install it perfectly. Improperly installed materials are at risk of letting water encroach between the panels, which will speed up the aging process and necessitate a replacement.

3. Signs of Warping or Melting

Exposure to high volumes of UV light can warp or melt vinyl panels. Melted exterior panels should be replaced by a top siding company in Seattle.

4. Significant Insect Damage

Though vinyl is resistant to most pests, persistent species such as termites can eventually burrow their way through the panels, creating tiny holes that increase the risk of water damage. If you see signs of an extensive infestation, call a siding company in Seattle along with your exterminator. You don’t want insect damage to reduce your curb appeal.

5. Extensive Mold or Mildew

Seattle is famous for being one of the rainiestplaces in the U.S. Siding companies in Seattle know that so much moisture creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow and create unattractive splotches on your home’s exterior panels.

While power washing is a common way to fight these stains, those high-powered blasts can also force water underneath the panels. This leads to greater mold and mildew growth over time and causes water damage to the underlying structures.

If you notice a lot of mildew and mold, it may be time to consider asking a Seattle siding contractor to replace the paneling.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional Seattle Siding Contractor

It can be difficult to assess whether your siding needs repair, replacement, or just a good wash. If you aren’t sure, your best move is to contact the top-rated siding contractors in Seattle to inspect the exterior of your home and provide a professional estimate.

With a licensed Seattle siding company in your corner, you can rest assured your home’s outer panels will look their best in no time.