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7 Steps to Hang Holiday Lights Outdoor

Have you ever tried to hang Christmas lights outdoor? If so, you’ll know it’s not difficult, but you want to get it done safely and achieve that amazing home exterior holiday appearance. So what do you do? The easiest way is to follow a few simple steps to quickly and efficiently hang holiday lights outdoor.

As KV Construction LLC, trusted siding contractors in Seattle, we recommend considering the type of siding on your home to choose the best method for hanging lights without causing damage. Our expertise ensures that your home’s aesthetic is enhanced with beautifully hung lights, reflecting the joy and warmth of the season while preserving the integrity of your home’s exterior.

Determine the type of lights

Ensure lights are suitable for outside use and are waterproof. You may want to consider LED light bulb use as they are energy efficient and will save your energy cost throughout the entire holiday season. However, if you prefer brighter than LED, you may want to consider Incandescent Christmas lights. You can learn how to determine the difference between these here.  

Examine surface

Things to consider are gutter thickness and siding flexibility to determine which method is better to attach lights along the roofline. For instance, vinyl siding is more flexible, but shingle siding is thinner. Learn more about what type of siding you have here. 

Pick a focal point

This is a must-have for a stunning display of your holiday decorations! For example, the front door, fascia, or columns are all excellent places to start. The brightest lights should be placed where you want the most attention, such as along walks or driveways, frame windows and door frames, wrap posts, and deck railings. Impress your neighbors with a fantastically decorated house!

Decide how many lights are needed

Measure straight lines and add them up. Also, remember to add the distance to a power source!

Put the lights to the test

Before you install the lights, be sure you test them all. Replace any blown bulbs, check that the light patterns work, and connect them to your device to confirm the controllers are working if you’re using smart lights.

Prepare your lights

Check how many strands of lights can be connected. Christmas light packaging should have this information. Frayed or broken cords not only hazardous but can also ruin all your exterior design.

Choose the right clip for your type of application

Adhesive clips can apply under gutters. These are moisture resistant and will withstand winter weather. Another good choice is a command outdoor light clips can attach under the soffits, up the siding or around windows all without nails and screws with no damage.

Now that you have these steps remember that safety is first! Regardless of your holiday lights choices and ways of application, we remind you to be safe when climbing a ladder as it always poses a potential risk. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!