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8 Benefits of James Hardie ColorPlus

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Painting a home’s exterior is a long-winded task: often, the paint starts peeling or chipping before you know it. To save time and effort, you can buy pre-finished siding for your home exterior, which has been pre-painted at the manufacturer’s factory using James Hardie’s revolutionary ColorPlus technology.

If you are looking for a siding company in Seattle, consider selecting James Hardie ColorPlus products. These are the eight benefits of choosing ColorPlus technology.

1. Reduces VOC Emissions

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) leak into the atmosphere and create problems for the environment and human beings. When you buy ColorPlus Technology, you won’t have to paint your boards in your compound. Therefore, you, your family, and the environment will be spared from VOC exposure.
2. Low Maintenance
Since ColorPlus Technology makes a strong finish, therefore, you won’t need to repaint your home so soon after installing the siding. When you paint a siding after installing it, the paint can fade quickly or crack and chip. ColorPlus will look new for 15 years.

3. Consistent Coverage

James Hardie ColorPlus Technology creates durable colors due to the baked-on technique. The color is applied in a controlled factory setting to ensure that every board is colored uniformly and has good coverage. If you’re looking for a Seattle siding contractor, have them use James Hardie’s technology for great coverage.

4. UV Resistance

The sun’s UV rays damage most paints. However, ColorPlus Technology is designed to resist fading that the sun’s dangerous rays can cause.

While other paints fade with time, yours will retain its vibrancy. This is why most reputable siding contractors in Seattle recommend this product for your home.

5. Variety of Colors to Choose From

James Hardie has a streamlined color selection, making it easy to find the color you like. Any Seattle siding company strives to offer colors that can look amazing on an exterior, which is why James Hardie is often recommended

6. Long Lasting Color

The painting is done in a carefully monitored and clean area, meaning that you will not see any debris in the paint. The paint is factory baked, which ensures that it is durable. Buying this siding from a Seattle siding company will help you save money in the long run.

7. Long Warranty

ColorPlus Technology comes with a 15-year warranty – this shows that Colorplus Technology has confidence in its products. Siding companies in Seattle can honor your Colorplus technology warranty any time you present it to them.

8. Easy and Fast Installation

With these options, your job is done as soon as you install the siding. This is because it has a durable coat of paint and finishes when you buy it. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for landscaping expenses after installing the siding.


Installing siding is a complex project that needs experience, expertise, and high-quality products if you want a fantastic outcome. This is where James Hardie ColorPlus Technology comes in. Having this material installed by a top Seattle siding contractor will help you enjoy all the above advantages and have an enviable exterior.