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Best Siding Color for Your Home

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Your Seattle home’s exterior speaks to its singular look and aesthetic appeal. When it comes time to replace its siding, however, it can be challenging to choose a color or color scheme that will best enhance its look and reflect its unique style. The decision can be especially difficult because it’s not a temporary color choice; new home siding is designed to last for at least a couple of decades.As a homeowner, you naturally want to choose colors that you enjoy but it’s also helpful to select colors that complement your home’s existing features. Here, we’ve put together some ideas and tips to help you choose the ideal colors for your upcoming Seattle siding install. ​

Find Inspiration

The best way to begin your siding color selection process is to look around. Drive around your neighborhood and pay attention to the homes with siding that attracts your eye. Snap photos of color schemes that you might want to consider when planning your own exterior color scheme. Today, siding is available in a myriad of colors and finishes. While siding companies in Seattle, WA, offer a wide selection, it’s ultimately up to you to choose colors for your home.While exploring your local Seattle area for color ideas is a great way to begin your siding project, be sure to research online too. Visit sites like Pinterest to view sided homes; pin any attractive siding colors and color schemes you like to your own project pin board so you can review them when it comes time to finalize your plan.

There are many online architecture and design publications that you can peruse to gather ideas for your siding renovation. Remember to pay attention to other exterior colors for features like doors, trim, and shutters. These elements might impact your siding color choice. As you consider a color plan, you’ll want to decide if you want to feature a neutral color palette or something more distinctive or eclectic.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

Keep in mind your home’s era of construction or architectural style when reflecting on siding colors. This is a great way to narrow down your color options. Of course, you can certainly deviate from traditional color choices for houses associated with certain architectural styles, but if you’re thinking about selling your house at some point, you might want to stick to more conventional options.When choosing era-inspired colors, you can search online, using terms that best describe your home such as:

  • New England Cape Cod
  • Mid-Century Modern Ranch
  • Arts and Crafts Bungalow
  • Victorian
  • Midwestern Farmhouse
  • Colonial or Dutch Colonial
  • Greek Revival
  • Coastal Cottage

Each of these types of homes often featured a particular color palette; though, you’ll usually find interesting deviations as you research. Your Seattle siding contractors can provide you with some ideas from their own gallery of completed siding projects to help you choose colors that reflect your home’s style and architectural era.

Gather Samples

These days, property owners have many choices when it comes to siding. Your Seattle siding contractor may feature siding with pre-finished colors and shades. Some people opt to install siding that’s primed and ready for painting any colors they like. As you reflect on colors, gather color samples and bring them back home so you can hold them up to your exterior and mix and match them to consider various color schemes. It’s not uncommon to fall in love with a color only to find that it doesn’t enhance your home when you hold it up to your exterior.Alternatively, you may find that a color you scarcely thought about before offers surprising aesthetic appeal. Narrowing down your color ideas is part of the process and it can be fun. Remember to consider your samples in light of other features of your exterior like your shutters and, possibly, even your landscaping. Don’t forget to reflect on your home’s trim and how it may complement and contrast your siding color selections.

Consider Your Home’s Size

As you plan your home’s Seattle siding install, don’t forget to think about your home’s size. The size of your house may actually impact your decision. For instance, you might gravitate to dark colors, but a dark shade on a large house might leave the home looking gloomier than you intended. That isn’t to say that dark colors should be avoided; you may simply need to balance dark siding with some pleasant contrast to balance out its look.

Consider Your Home’s Roof

Roofs are constructed to last for decades just like your siding. If you have no intention of replacing your roof any time soon, you’ll want to select a siding color that compliments the color of your roof. If you have a tiled roof with a terra cotta hue, you might want to avoid shades of red siding that might make your home appear garish. If your home has a dark-colored roof, consider a welcome color contrast for your siding and choose a light shade.

Consider the Color of Your Bricks

If your home is partially bricked, it’s important to select a siding color that will complement the color of the bricks. If you have traditional red bricks, you might want to consider siding colors such as gray, tan, or brown. If your home features orange bricks, consider cream or tan siding. You want to pick a color for your siding that plays well with your bricks. This will certainly limit your color choices, but it will also help you narrow down your options to just one.

Climate and Seasons

Many homeowners in the area consider Seattle’s weather and the seasons when choosing siding colors. We have both bright days and dreary ones. How will the color you select likely appear at each of those times? You can draw inspiration from our climate when making your siding’s final color selection.

What about Choosing Color Combinations?

If your siding project involves multiple color choices, as some do, your decision may be even more challenging. However, you can try sticking to color families or choosing traditional color contrasts like black and white. It helps to choose your main siding color first and then your accent colors. Again, take time to look at sided homes to draw inspiration.

Can Certain Colors Make My Home Look Bigger?

Generally, lighter colors make a space seem more expansive, so they may make your home seem larger. That’s one reason why many people with small homes often opt for a light color exterior. In addition to siding colors like white or ivory, you might opt for light gray, light tan, or pale green.

Resale Value

While there isn’t precisely a ‘wrong’ color selection, your choice of color could potentially hurt your home’s resale value. The more unique color scheme you choose, the more difficult it might be to sell your home. If you’re concerned about resale values, opt for timeless siding colors like white or beige. Neutral hues transcend color trends and are popular with home buyers.

Personal Preference

In the end, your choice of siding color comes down to what you like and what you feel is best suited to your home. Siding companies in Seattle, WA, have seen all sorts of color schemes. Your contractor can make recommendations based on their experience, but the choice belongs to you in the end.

Discuss Your Ideas with Your Seattle Siding Contractors

If you’re struggling to finalize your siding color plan, be sure to rely on your siding contractor’s experience and expertise. Whether you’re interested in neutrals or brights, dark hues or pastels, you can get helpful input from your siding contractor in order to narrow down your color choices. You may also consider inviting your family or friends to help you make your color decision.

Choose KV Construction for Your Siding Installation Project

KV Construction can help you select the ideal siding for your exterior home renovation. Then, we’ll install it to perfection. While the siding color you choose is important for your home’s aesthetic, the siding’s quality is what’s most important because the material is meant to protect your home’s structure from the elements and pests for decades. Our technicians can answer all of your questions while introducing you to the best siding materials.Once you make your decision, we can schedule your home’s siding renovation. The time frame depends on the size of your home and the scope of the project. We can also provide you with an upfront quote for the job. Once the project begins, we do our utmost to complete the job as scheduled. KV Construction has a reputation for fair pricing, construction expertise, and outstanding customer service.

Contact us if you’re interested in outfitting your Seattle home with brand new siding. While this is a big investment, it’s one that will enhance your home’s value. We’re available to help you choose the ideal siding product for your house and your budget.