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Cedar Siding Repair in Seattle, WA

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Knowing when you need new cedar siding installed in Seattle isn’t easy if you don’t know how to check for damages. Siding contractors in Seattle can help you appraise old materials and determine if you need repairs or replacements. They can also help you choose gorgeous, durable cedar siding that gets your property looking beautiful again.​We answer questions about when you need cedar siding repair from siders in Seattle, Washington.

How does cedar siding protect your home?

Cedar is a resilient wood that resists rot and is suited to the harsh Washington winters. It’s a popular choice among siding companies in Seattle, WA – it keeps heat inside the house and stops the cold from getting in. It can last for many years if well-maintained and is much more beautiful to look at than cheaper options like vinyl.

However, siders in Seattle, WA, know that no material lasts forever, and cedar needs regular inspections to retain its gorgeous appearance and keep your home protected.

When do you need to contact siding companies in Seattle, WA?

Below are some common problems encountered by siding contractors in Seattle.

High energy bills

Notice the price of your energy bills creeping up? It could be because gaps in your siding are leaking air or that the cedar or sealant has been worn down and is no longer insulating your home.

​Contacting siding contractors in Seattle can save you money on energy bills that are already rising steeply.

Impact damage

Winter storms can throw debris around. The good news is that cedar siding resists impacts better than most materials – it won’t shatter as synthetic alternatives might. However, harsh impacts from falling debris like tree branches can damage the material, which will create additional problems further down the line.

​Impact damage can lead to leaks, which in turn cause mold growth. If you’ve experienced impact or storm damage to your home, contacting siders in Seattle, WA, is your best bet.

Dry rot

Dry rot sets in when moist wood is exposed to airborne fungal spores. Cedar is used in construction because it’s less prone to dry rot than other types of wood. However, no type of wood is fully immune.

Dry rot can cause terrible damage if it spreads throughout your home. It also poses a health risk. It’s important to have your walls inspected by siders in Seattle, Washington, to catch signs of dry rot early on.


Old material will begin to develop gaps in between planks if it hasn’t been regularly repaired. This can lead to leaks, which are unpleasant, costly to fix if left unchecked, and can lead to potentially dangerous mold growth and structural damage.

This is often when you’ll need new cedar siding installed in Seattle. Installation is often cheaper than repairs if your wall is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Calling siders in Seattle, Washington for a routine inspection

When should you arrange an inspection from siders in Seattle, Washington? If it’s been over a year since your last inspection, the time should be now. Don’t let problems get out of hand.