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Comparing Siding Materials

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Choosing the right siding material to enclose your home can be complicated if you don’t know what each option will provide for you. Is metal affordable? Does wood last? We’re here to help.Siding contractors in Seattle will tell you that each material carries specific advantages and disadvantages depending on where you live and what you’re looking to get out of your siding structures.

A variety of factors, which include cost, maintenance levels, and overall performance, should be considered before making such an important choice. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the materials that a siding company in Seattle might use for your home’s cladding.


Metal is one of the most popular options installed by siding companies in Seattle. Its installation process is simple, with roofers only requiring a hammer and thin-cut snips to – in most cases – be applied over your existing sidings. Metal cladding can also be very cost-effective, depending on the material used and how it’s applied to your home.Moreover, the material can be coated with a wide assortment of colors by your Seattle siding contractor. It requires little maintenance, and it’s difficult to mark or scratch. It stands up well to hail and other inclement weather and can even withstand impact damage from falling branches.

In terms of overall value, durability, and performance, there are not many downsides to protecting your home with metal cladding, as long as a top-quality siding company in Seattle installs it.


Often seen in cabins and lodges, the sheer number of styles available means that wood sidings are a fashionable option requested from any Seattle siding contractor. While wood isn’t as efficient or protective as its metal counterpart, special resins, waxes, or other engineered additions can help these planks stand up to moisture.Wood siding will need regular treatment from your Seattle siding company during its lifespan. The installation process should always be handled by expert siding contractors in Seattle, as non-engineered wood will have plenty of measurement-related imperfections.

If you want to make a bold architectural statement with your home’s sidings, wood and engineered wood sidings are the way to go.


Stucco’s thickness is a solid bet when it comes to keeping extreme weather from reaching the confines of your home. As one of the most common siding materials installed by a Seattle siding company, with no significant damage caused by most impact damage or by animals and pests, it can last up to two or three decades.

Stucco does have a complicated installation process consisting of concocting the concrete, nailing small slats to your home, and wiring the mesh over it. All these steps jack up its price tag, making it the most expensive option listed here.

Closing Thoughts

When deciding which kind of material will be best for your home, you should contact top siding companies in Seattle to discuss your project. We hope this guide has helped you be one step closer to making this all-important choice. Happy hunting!