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Does Hardieplank Last in Seattle WA?

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Hardieplank siding is manufactured by James Hardie, the world’s leading fiber cement siding manufacturer. It’s known for its resilience, long lifespan, and gorgeous appearance.Top siding contractors in Seattle prefer Hardieplank over other types of fiber cement because it’s perfect for the Pacific Northwest climate – but how long can you expect it to last? Our guide explains all you need to know.

How Long Does Hardieplank Last?

James Hardie siding comes with a 30-year non-prorated warranty, while trim products boast a 15-year non-prorated warranty. This means that the manufacturer is confident that Hardieplank will stand up to the elements for 30 years, and a warranty will cover you if you ever need repairs or replacements. But the warranty length isn’t quite the same as the lifespan.

If well-maintained by a professional siding company in Seattle, you can expect your Hardieplank siding to last for up to 50 years. The durable fiber cement construction and resistance to rot mean that if it’s inspected regularly by a Seattle siding contractor, you’ll enjoy the enhanced insulation and weather resistance offered by Hardieplank for decades.​Many of us won’t live in one home for more than 50 years, so Hardieplank is a brilliant investment if you’re moving to a new property. If you think you’ll sell your property soon, upgrading to Hardieplank can also get you a much more attractive sale price.

Why Is Hardieplank Favored by Siding Companies in Seattle?

A key consideration when you’re renovating your home in the Pacific Northwest is which materials are most suitable for the climate. Materials that hold up well to heavy rainfall and snow are essential, as otherwise there’s a significant risk of rot setting in.

The best siding contractors in Seattle will take your location and climate into account when recommending products. This is why it’s better to work with local experts rather than larger, nationwide construction firms with less experience in the local climate.​Hardieplank siding is preferred by most top siding companies in Seattle because it’s incredibly resilient to rot and damage caused by freezing conditions. While wood is enduringly popular and a beautiful choice, fiber cement from James Hardie is simply more durable, longer-lasting, and offers better insulation in the cold months.

Choosing a Hardieplank Specialist Seattle Siding Contractor

You should work with a Seattle siding company that consistently works with Hardieplank. This means that they’ll be experts at installing these products and will leave you with a top-quality job. The best contractors will also be able to offer you a range of colors and designs at a reasonable price, rather than charging a premium for minor “upgrades”.

Final Thoughts

Well-installed James Hardie products can last a lifetime. Regular inspections and maintenance are an important part of increasing their lifespan – as the saying goes, a stitch in time saves 9. That’s why you should work with a Seattle siding contractor that specializes in installing and maintaining Hardieplank, protecting your family from the volatile PNW climate, and giving your home the gorgeous exterior it deserves.