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Does Paint Color Affect House Temperature?

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Did you know that the color of your home exterior affects more than how your house looks? It also affects indoor temperature, making your home hotter or cooler.

Any Seattle siding contractor, including the experts at KV Construction LLC, will inform you that the exterior tones of your house play a crucial role in either absorbing or reflecting heat.
So, if you’re planning on painting the exterior, you need to keep a few things in mind.

How Much Does Paint Color Affect House Temperature?

While there isn’t an exact percentage of how much the exterior color will affect temperature, there are factors that affect the amount. For instance:•          Roof color – darker colors absorb heat
•          Amount, size, and quality of the windows you have
•          Location of your house. Is there shade?
•          Indoor heating and cooling solutions
•          Material used on your home’s exterior

The exterior color of your house isn’t the only factor, but it’s a great place to start if you want to keep your interior cool. If the temperature is a priority, a siding company in Seattle will help you decide on the best color and material for your house.

What Color Should I Use For My Home Exterior?

You probably have a color in mind, right? Are you worried it may cause your temperatures to skyrocket?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a colorfor your home:•       Interior Temperature: Do you want your home to be hotter or cooler? The answer depends on where you live and climate conditions.
•         Existing Features: Do you have brick or stonework you wish to leave in their existing colors? If so, you’ll have to choose a color that compliments them and other household  features.
•        Style: Although the color will influence your home temperature, you  don’t  want to stray away from what you like. Choose a tone you like, as there are other ways to keep your home cool.
•         Additional Changes: Are you making other exterior changes? New roof, perhaps? Take this into account when choosing a color.

Siding contractors in Seattle can help if you’re in between colors. They’ll browse hues with you to choose the one you’re happy with and won’t cause energy bills to skyrocket.

What Colors Absorb Heat?

Siding companies in Seattle will be the first to say that darker colors absorb heat. They’ll then take the absorbed heat and transfer it into your home.

Lighter shades reflect energy, creating less of an impact on your home temperature. Get in touch with a Seattle siding company to learn more.

What Can I Do If I Want a Dark Home Exterior?

If you are set on a dark exterior, consider these options to help reduce the heat:

•          Use landscaping techniques to provide shade. This includes tall, full trees that’ll help block sunlight from hitting your home.
•          Use the dark shade you love as an accent color and balance it with lighter colors.
•          Make sure your home has quality, up-to-date insulation.
•          If your windows are very old, update them to prevent hot air from seeping into your home.

Speak with Siding Contractors in Seattle about Your Exterior Shades

In short, yes. The exterior color of your home will affect the overall house temperature. With this new understanding, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when painting or replacing the siding of your home.

​For any questions you may still have, get in touch with a reputable Seattle siding contractor for more advice.