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Does Your Home Need Vented Soffit?

soffit and gable showing attic ventilation
When we think about the air in our homes, we often think about our HVAC systems. Is the air too cold or too hot? But the considerations of the air in your home should go far beyond your HVAC system.

To keep your home safe and energy-efficient, you must think about ventilation, and soffits can help you achieve the ventilation levels your home needs.

​But does every home need a vented soffit, and how does one work anyway? Learn everything you need to know about keeping your home’s air quality high.

What Is a Vented Soffit?

For most people, proper roofing and regular visits from siding contractors in Seattle are all that’s needed to ensure adequate ventilation. This means there’s enough insulation to keep the air in while still having enough circulation to get rid of the old air and bring in some fresh oxygen. But this isn’t enough for everyone.

​Vented soffits increase the flow of fresh air into the home even more, lowering your energy bills in the process and making your home more comfortable to live in altogether.

Why You May Need Soffit Vents

Air quality in your home may seem like a convenience or even a luxury, but that’s far from true. You and your family may experience health risks if you don’t take action to distribute breezes in your house correctly.

If you don’t have soffits, there’s no need to rush to a contractor. Chances are, your house is fine without them. They are often not seen in older homes. And if you already use alternative measures such as the gable design, you may be all set.

​But if you find yourself regularly having problems with getting fresh air in your house, you may ask reliable siding companies in Seattle, WA, about their thoughts on your current insulation system. Soffits can bring in the fresh breezes you’re looking for without spoiling your HVAC system.

Cleaning Soffit Vents

If you choose to install soffit vents, it’s essential to note that cleaning will be necessary. Thankfully, this is a simple process.

Every one to two years, soffits may be clogged. This is because dirt and dust attempt to pass through, but they are blocked from entering your home, which means this buildup will just sit there until it’s cleaned out.

There are two methods for cleaning: cleaning off removable covers and compressed air. Whether you can remove the filters and clean them by hand or while everything is still attached will determine what method you use.

Keep Your Home Comfortable and Safe

Siders in Seattle, WA, are committed to providing insulation and protection for your home. But if your house doesn’t allow for a good breeze that circulates stale air, you may still suffer from poor air quality.

​At your next siding install in Seattle, ask your contractors about your house’s ventilation system and whether they can install new vented soffits. They will identify what vents you already have and if soffit vents could be an excellent addition to your home’s circulation system.