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Exterior Painting in Pacific Northwest Washington

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When To Do Exterior Painting in Pacific Northwest Washington? Preparing Your Exterior Coat For Rainy Weather.

With summer months ahead, it’s essential to utilize this time to ensure that the exterior paint of your house is prepared for the Pacific Northwest rainy weather.Summer sunny weather is perfect for inspecting your home exterior to ensure that it stays blemish-free and bright throughout the season. Before the weather gets wetter, taking the proper precautionary methods will keep your home’s paint looking its best and present a long-standing effect.

At KV Construction LLC, your trusted siding contractors in Seattle, we understand how vital it is to safeguard your home against the relentless rain and Northwest precipitation. As the months unfold, consider partnering with us to ensure your home remains a sanctuary of comfort and safety. With our expertise and dedication, let us help you navigate the best solutions to protect and enhance your residence. Your peace of mind is our priority as we brace together for the changing seasons.

  1. Proper Insulation – Excess dampness from the inside of your home can get into the home’s structure, resulting in flaking of your exterior paint. Provide your home with proper insulation in your basement or attic. This will help your exterior coat of paint and save you on energy costs.​
  2. Proper Ventilation – Additionally, chances that your exterior coat of paint will have issues caused by the accumulating of moisture escaping from your kitchen or laundry area – especially by the stove or dryer. Make sure that your ventilation systems are working correctly.
  3. Seal Your Exterior Paint & Stains – Add a sealant coat to your exterior paint to preserve your paint and stains to look fresh from season to season. This will help prevent any moisture from degrading the paint, which could lead to chipping or flaking. Like stained wood areas, a stain sealant will keep your wooden exteriors dryer and provide a long-standing look for years to come.
  4. Choose a Fade-Resistant Paint – The sun can do severe damage to your exterior paint, no matter the time of year and no matter your location. By initially, picking fade-resistant paint for your home will help resist sun damage. Ideally, beige, brown, and tan paints are the best fade-resistant colors for your exterior paint.
  5. Exterior Home Improvement is needed if the moisture has already damaged the structure of your home. You can spot damaged siding if you see cracked, warped, or rotted siding planks. Another indication of trapped water within the siding is blisters or bubbles. Also, the presence of fungus, mold, or mildew, particularly near the seams, is a sign of water penetrating your siding. Severely faded siding is a sure sign that weatherproofing is worn out. Most homes require a fresh coat of paint every 8-10 years.

With summer coming only once a year and the spring time leading up to the blazing hot summer months, now is the perfect time to get your house in tiptop shape. Take the time to examine and maintain your home this summer so you can sell it faster and demand a higher price for your well-maintained property.​