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HardiePlank Siding Overview and Basics

james hardie iron grey plank and arctic white trim
Are you looking for a fresh look for your home’s exterior? Siding is an enduringly popular and attractive choice, especially in the Pacific Northwest. However, your choice of material and brand can make a huge difference.

Siding contractors in Seattle typically recommend HardiePlank above any other product. Today, we’ll take you through some basics about this material so you can confidently book a Seattle siding contractor for your project.

Why Choose James Hardie?

James Hardie is the leading siding manufacturer worldwide. Siding contractors in Seattle recommend James Hardie products thanks to their durability, longevity, and a vast range of design options.


James Hardie’s proprietary fiber cement blend is far more durable and weather-resistant than average fiber cement products. It uses Portland cement, cellulose, sand, and water to create a product that is easy to customize and stands up to the PNW climate far better than alternative materials.

A first-class siding company in Seattle offering James Hardie products will also be able to provide you with longer warranties, thanks to the extra-long manufacturer’s guarantee.


HardiePlank is much more fire-resistant than traditional materials like wood. Siding companies in Seattle often recommend fiber cement as a more fire-resistant alternative that also requires less maintenance than wood.


Siding contractors in Seattle also recommend HardiePlank products because they resist common pests such as mice, rats, termites, and other boring insects. These can cause significant damage to your home if left unchecked, and rotten or decaying materials provide an easy access route for mouse and rat infestations.

This means you’ll need less regular maintenance from a Seattle siding contractor to ensure your home offers full protection.

Long Life

Your Seattle siding company may recommend James Hardie products if you’ve just moved into a property because the materials can last for decades. It’s a superb long-term investment, adding visual appeal to your property while keeping you and your family safe with minimal need for maintenance.


The manufacturer produces a huge range of products with striking designs and textures. Whether you’d prefer a classic, smooth panel finish or textured shingles, James Hardie has the answer. Its range of colors is also exceptional.

A siding company in Seattle will often recommend this brand if you plan to sell your home soon, as the striking appearance can significantly boost curb appeal.

Cost of James Hardie Products

HardiePlank siding can be slightly more expensive than materials like vinyl, but the higher initial cost is more than paid back due to its long lifespan.

A siding company in Seattle can break down the best materials for your needs when you schedule an inspection. Often, James Hardie is the best solution, especially for your main home (vinyl is often a better choice for outbuildings like sheds).

Final Thoughts

​HardiePlank is a top-quality product, but it should always be installed by a licensed, experienced Seattle siding company.

Your home deserves a first-class exterior provided by a first-class company. Work with a local expert to ensure that installation, design, and maintenance are all done right the first time!