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How Does Siding Installation Work?

Renovating is a thrilling prospect for many homeowners, and choosing what your house’s exterior will look like might be the most exhilarating project of them all. But how exactly will your siding contractors in Seattle bring your vision to life? And how long will you have to wait?!The answer partly depends on the type of panels you want and your contractors’ level of expertise. Ultimately, though, most siding companies in Seattle use a relatively similar process for installing new exterior panels.

Here are the five steps your Seattle siding contractor will go through to replace your home’s exterior panels.

1. Design

First, you and your chosen contractors will have a design meeting. Your top siding contractors in Seattle  will go over the various materials the company offers. You’ll be able to choose the color, texture, and type of panels you want, as well as whether or not you want all or some of your siding to be painted.

2. Removal

Before your new panels can be installed, the old ones must be pried off and hauled away. Your Seattle siding company will take this opportunity to examine the underlying walls for signs of rot, pests, and water damage. Any issues found will need to be resolved before the installation can proceed.

It’s reasonable to expect your siding company in Seattle will include disposing of the old materials in their service package. Still, you should always clarify this point during the initial estimate just to be safe.

3. Preparation

The preparation phase is when your contractor will repair any damage to the underlying wall. Siding companies in Seattle are used to discovering wood rot and mold after removing old panels due to Washington’s moist climate.

Once any necessary repairs are complete, your contractors will wash the walls and prepare them for the next stage.

4. Insulation

Your existing insulation may also need to be replaced depending on its age and whether it’s suffered water damage. You don’t get far as a siding company in Seattle without knowing how important it is for homes to be snugly insulated during our cold winters!

If you’ve had frequent pest problems, your contractor may recommend a bug-resistant insulation layer to help ward away unwanted guests.

5. Installation

Back to the fun stuff! In phase five, you’ll finally get to see your exterior design dream come to life. If you’re getting some or all of your siding painted after installation, this stage might take a few extra days, depending on how extensive the paint job is.

Different siding contractors in Seattle have different specialties in terms of exterior panel materials. James Hardie’s proprietary HardiePlank fiber cement and insulated vinyl siding are leading choices in the Pacific Northwest.

Wrapping Up

There you have it: a day in the life of a Seattle siding contractor! Of course, depending on the size of your house, the whole process could take anywhere from ten to fourteen days.

At the end of it all, though, you’ll get to come home to your dream house, all decked out in gleaming new panels you’ll enjoy for years to come.