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How to Choose a Seattle Siding Company

How to Choose a Seattle Siding Company: Everything to Know

Have you been having sleepless nights wondering how to choose a Seattle siding replacement company?Well, installing siding is one of the most important home improvement projects that will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Thus, when choosing Seattle siding contractors, you must make the right choice to avoid unnecessary headaches on later dates.

Thus, it would be best to find the right contractor who will get the job done. Though this can be a daunting task, knowing your options will help you find the right people to install siding for your home.

Read this article to learn how to choose a Seattle siding company.

Consider Siding Specialty

​When looking for a Seattle siding installation company, you must consider their specialty.The specialty of a given firm will determine the types of siding they can install and the quality of the installation. First, you need to determine the style you like and choose an installer specializing in installing different siding materials.

​You must note that the look and the durability of the siding you install will depend on your choice of contractor.

Check for Insurance
You should look for a siding contractor who has worker’s compensation and liability insurance.Thus, before hiring contractors, ask them to provide you with a copy of their insurance certificate. Suppose they are unwilling to provide you with such documentation. In that case, it is a clear indication they are not ready to cover for any injury or damage that may happen while working on your property.

Why risk hiring such a company and end up with unnecessary litigation if someone is injured while working on your property?

You can verify insurance for Washington state here

Ask for License

Generally, siding companies are licensed by the state.In Washington State, all construction contractors must be bonded and insured by state law. Thus, ensure that the company you are hiring has both business and contractor’s licenses.

​It is safe to hire a company with proper licenses as it clearly indicates they are operating within the law. Additionally, licensed siding companies are likely to have the skills to do the job to satisfaction.

You can check here if business is active with the state.

Check for Reviews and Referrals
You can ask family members and friends about the siding company they hire. They will give you recommendations to a company they used if the job was done to satisfaction.You can also ask potential siding companies about the previous project they have completed. They can provide you with pictures of the projects, which will open your eyes regarding the quality of services.

Also, consider visiting the company’s website. Reading online reviews will also give you an unbiased view of their reputation. You don’t want to settle with a contractor who will provide a less satisfying job.

Thus, choose a company that has many positive reviews.

Check Their Experience

Siding installation contractor requires skills and experience.Thus, you should not hire beginners; choose a contractor who already knows how to deal with complex corners and trims around doors and windows. Though the process may seem pretty easy, many skills are needed.

Also, weigh whether a contractor has siding installation experience as they allege. Ask them about the pros and cons of particular siding. An experienced contractor should recommend you siding material to use based on their durability, maintenance needs, and aesthetic appeal.

Consider Their Proximity

You need to choose a local siding contractor. A company from another region is unlikely to know about the local climate and building codes. Thus, Seattle siding contractors are more likely to offer personalized siding services. They are also likely to provide quality services since they want to uphold their reputation.
Furthermore, since local contractors serve communities near you, you will be able to visit and see their previous projects is easy.


Always choose a contractor who is willing to own their work. Since siding installation or upgrade is costly, you must protect yourself from unwanted surprises. The best way to do that is to ask for a warranty. This will ensure that everything is covered in case of a product malfunction or installation mistakes.
Thus, you should ask for manufacturer and contractor’s licenses. Both warranties will cover your home’s entire siding.
Manufacturer warranty is issued by the company that made the siding and covers against defects that may affect the material. On the other hand, contractor warranties will offer you a guarantee for the siding installation.

Check the Cost

Price is one thing that will be difficult to determine, given the various variables that may affect pricing. The cost of siding your home may be influenced by various factors: siding materials, size of the house, material needed, and the design of your home’s exterior. However, the labor cost will also determine the price of siding installation.
Though cost is an essential factor to consider while installing siding, you should also choose quality materials that will last longer and add value to your property. You should also find a company willing to match your siding installation budget and manage installation costs.

Hire the Best Seattle Siding Company

Choosing the right Seattle siding company may seem like a daunting task. But knowing your options will enable you to select a contractor who offers you the best warranties, prices, and results. At KV construction LLC Siding contractor, we are local siding contractors in Seattle , WA. We have over 18 years of experience in remodeling and siding installation. Our goal is to offer you high-quality siding products that include fiber cement siding from James Hardie.
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