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How to Pay for New Siding in Seattle, WA

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Whether installing new siding to replace the old or finish a new construction project, you need to know beforehand what you are supposed to pay for the material and the installation work. There’s a wide range of material quality levels and price points on the market, meaning you can find something that suits your budget.

It’s crucial to understand the siding material you are choosing and to have a trusted Seattle siding contractor like KV Construction LLC to expertly manage your project.

Learn more here about determining what you’ll pay for your project.

Make a Budget for Your Siding

As already mentioned, different qualities of materials cost differently. According to leading siding contractors in Seattle, the cheapest vinyl siding costs between $3 and $5 per square foot. For premium vinyl, expect to part with at least $10 per square foot.

So, if your home is 1,000 square feet, you can expect to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 if you use low-cost materials. Otherwise, you can pay as much as $10,000 or more when using premium vinyl.

Determine Your Costs

The final amount you’ll spend depends on several factors, including:

•          The size of your house (the amount of material to buy)
•          The amount of preliminary work needed to make the house ready for siding
•          Any repair work is needed if the house isn’t new.
•          The grade or quality of the material that will satisfy your needs depends on
•          Any add-ons you’ll require, e.g., trim packagesEach of the above items has a price tag. Remember that you must have the amount you need to buy the material before the project can begin.

The payment for the contractor will follow, and it will be subject to an agreement between you and the siding company in Seattle. We recommend calling several siding companies in Seattle and comparing their charges.

Choose a Siding Style

There are many vinyl types you can choose from:

•          Vinyl
•          Cedar shake
•          Board and batten
•          ClapboardYou’ll want to choose a style that fits the design of your home. Note that vinyl comes in different grades. You can buy the economy or standard grade if you have a tight budget. But if the cost isn’t much of a concern, you can buy the premium or super-premium grades, which will come with a higher price tag for their improved quality.

To know the cost of the material, multiply the area to be covered by the price per square foot of the material. You can then add the cost of the add-ons like trim packages if you need them.

Choose a Contractor

There are many siding companies in Seattle, but they aren’t the same. To get the best siding contractor, ask the following questions:

•          What’s the contractor’s experience?
•          Is the contractor reliable, certified, and licensed?
•          Does the contractor specialize in siding installation?
•          Is the contractor a member of any professional body?
•          Does the contractor have many positive online reviews?

If the answers to the above questions are affirmative, you can call the contractor with peace of mind.
Paying a Seattle Siding Contractor

To get the strongest protection for your house, choose a reliable material, preferably the premium or super-premium grades. From there, choose the top Seattle siding company to get the best results. With your budget in mind, you can get a final product that looks great, does its job, and doesn’t break the bank.