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Is Colored Hardie Board More Expensive?

Arctic White siding
James Hardie siding is the most popular brand in the country. Many homes in the United States feature gorgeous, long-lasting, and low-maintenance materials.

If you’re looking to change the exterior of your home, you can choose a wide range of colored boards from the siding contractors in Seattle. These boards can enhance curb appeal and give value for money. They are a great option because of their durability and resistance to harsh weather elements. Keep reading to learn more about the colored Hardie siding boards offered by your Seattle siding company.

What Are The Color Options For Hardie Board Siding?

A house that has a faded exterior may appear drab and dated. However, your home’s exterior can function best if you have the right material, style, color, and professional Seattle siding contractor to install it when moving in. That is why most homes in the U.S prefer James Hardie fiber siding over other companies.

Most homeowners adore customized and durable sidings, which have a warranty and high-performance color that highlights the architectural details of the exterior of their homes. Stunning colors reflect your style and can make your house stand out from the rest.There are two basic selections for Hardie board siding colors:

1. ColorPlus Technology

It has a crispy finish that delivers primed, custom-painted results. Its beautiful, consistent appearance results from numerous layers of paint applied under ideal factory conditions.Homeowners can enjoy the appearance of their homes for many years, courtesy of this detailed process and great installation from their siding company in Seattle.

James Hardie ColorPlus Technology siding color has unique characteristics which make them stand out. These include:

•           Long-lasting – maximizes adhesion and removes whittling and peeling to give you a lasting finish.
•          UV resistant – due to exposure to the sun, other coatings may fade with time. However, Hardie paints are dependable and resist fading. The beautiful colors remain vibrant because of the built-in UV resistance.
•          Low maintenance – manually painted options can chip and crack over time. However, this technology guarantees a reliable, enduring paint finish, thus reducing maintenance costs.

2. Pre-primed Siding

Thanks to James Hardie and its specialist Seattle siding contractor partners, homeowners can now get materials that have been factory-prepared and are more affordable. It also allows you to choose your favorite colors.

The Cost of Colored Hardie Board Siding

Well, the exterior of your home might be peeling off, stained, dented, or warped, and it’s losing its curb appeal. There are many options for you. However, James Hardie offers a wide range of colored board sidings – so is it expensive?

The best thing about it is that they will only cost you much in the short term. Because of its extreme durability, you’ll save time and money in the long run. The cost varies depending on several factors that range from the location to the size of your project.

Final Thoughts

Most siding companies in Seattle recommend James Hardie since it’s considered a premium product. Contact your local siding contractors in Seattle today to learn more and get it installed in your home.