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Is Fiber Cement Siding Suitable in Seattle, WA?

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Homeowners have been increasingly choosing fiber cement siding over wood and vinyl since it was introduced in the 1980s. Although it has several advantages over other cladding materials, any Seattle siding contractor is frequently questioned about whether it is a good fit for the area’s climate.

Seattle’s homes, along with many others in the area, significantly benefit from the superior qualities of fiber cement siding. KV Construction LLC recognizes it as one of the best options available for local residences.
Here’s why our team and other siding contractors in Seattle prefer it for its durability, aesthetic flexibility, and overall performance in the unique Pacific Northwest climate.

Is Fiber Cement Siding Suitable in Seattle, WA?

The material should be decided when all relevant factors have been considered. For instance, you should consider how much upkeep is necessary, how long it will last, and how your choice will affect your house’s curb appeal. But when all the variables are taken into account, it usually comes out on top for a Seattle siding company for the reasons:•      Resists Rot, Moisture, and Mold– James Hardie’s products are the preferred option for any siding company in Seattle because they were designed with this climate in mind.
•        Durable – Regardless of the environment or location, it’s manufactured to last.
•        Fire-resistant – Siding contractors in Seattle recommend fiber cement because it won’t ignite in direct flame and is non-combustible.
•       Weatherproof – Homeowners in Washington State know the difficulties that rainy and damp weather can pose for their home’s exterior. The only method to protect your property is to have the appropriate product installed by reputable siding contractors in Seattle.

How Much Does it Cost?

Several types of products come in a range of prices. Numerous additional considerations also need to be taken into account. The following general information, however, will probably hold if you compare siding installation costs for the same home.

•          Fiber cement is less expensive than synthetic stucco or brick.
•          Wood products often cost more than fiber cement products, depending on the wood used and the style. However, throughout its lifetime, maintenance expenses can increase the wood cost by thousands of dollars.
•          Vinyl is the least expensive alternative, but it typically has the shortest lifespan and suffers from UVexposure.
•          Composite cost more or the same as fiber cement.

How Do I Choose a Contractor?

Choosing a contractor with the education, know-how, tools, and expertise to complete the task correctly is more important than whether the company specializes in roofing or siding. For example, a Seattle siding contractor may offer a range of services, but customer reviews for similar jobs will let you know if they’re experts where it matters.

Frequently, homeowners who require roofing services also need to have other exterior work done. A reputable roofing business will already have the necessary tools and equipment, and the contractor will be very knowledgeable about how the various parts of the house are interdependent.

Finding the Best Siding Companies in Seattle

You should choose a Seattle siding company that offers you an open, frank discussion of the best materials. Top experts will have years of experience delivering excellent results – be sure to check out the reviews! Then it’s time to book your project. Trust KV Construction LLC to provide top-tier fiber cement siding solutions for your home.