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Is It Safe to Paint Over Lead Paint?

KV construction LLC lead paint certification for renovation, repair and painting in washington state

Lead-based paint is a serious concern in older homes, often hidden beneath layers of newer paint. Before tackling a renovation or painting project, understanding the safety measures and techniques for dealing with lead paint is crucial.

Identifying Lead Paint in Your Home

Lead paint was commonly used in residential properties before 1978 when it was banned for posing health risks. If your home was built before this year, there’s a chance it contains lead-based paint. Proper identification involves testing kits available from hardware stores, or by hiring a professional who uses more precise methods like XRF (X-ray fluorescence) technology.

Health Risks Associated with Lead Paint

Exposure to lead paint can lead to serious health issues, including brain damage, developmental delays in children, and various other neurological and cognitive impairments in adults. These risks make it vital to handle lead paint appropriately, especially during renovation projects that could disturb the paint and release lead dust or chips.

Safe Practices for Handling Lead Paint in Marysville, WA

Sealing Over Lead Paint

One common method for dealing with lead paint is to seal it beneath a layer of new paint, a process known as encapsulation. This is only recommended if the existing paint is in good condition—without chipping or peeling. Special encapsulating paints are designed to create a safe barrier over the lead paint, which prevents the lead from becoming airborne.

Removing Lead Paint

Removal should be handled with extreme caution and, ideally, by professionals. Methods include wet sanding and using a HEPA vacuum system to prevent lead dust from spreading. Chemical strippers can be used but require careful handling to avoid chemical exposure and environmental hazards.

Renovation and Repainting Tips

When renovating areas with lead paint, minimize dust by using plastic sheeting to seal off the work area and employing negative air pressure systems. Proper cleanup post-renovation is crucial and should involve thorough washing of all surfaces with a phosphate cleaning solution to neutralize lead residues.

Choosing the Right Contractor for Lead Paint Projects

When dealing with lead paint, hiring knowledgeable and certified professionals is essential. KV Construction LLC, a trusted name in the Marysville, Washington area, specializes in safely managing and renovating spaces with lead paint concerns. Ensuring the contractor you choose is EPA-certified in lead-safe practices is critical for the safety of your household and community.

KV construction LLC’s Approach to Lead Safety

At KV construction LLC, safety is our priority. We follow strict EPA guidelines and state regulations to ensure every project involving lead paint is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Our team is trained in the latest safety protocols, equipped with the right tools and techniques to manage your project efficiently and safely.


Painting over lead paint can be safe if done correctly, but requires strict adherence to safety protocols. Whether encapsulating or removing lead paint, it’s crucial to work with professionals who understand the risks and have the expertise to mitigate them effectively. For homeowners in Marysville, KV construction LLC offers reliable, expert services for managing lead paint and ensuring the safety and integrity of your home improvement projects. Always prioritize health and safety by choosing the right approach and the best professionals for your lead paint challenges.