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James Hardie Is Top Siding for Seattle’s Humid Climate

james hardie siding installed by siding contractors in seattle wa

​As siding contractors in Seattle, we believe the siding you choose should not only grant your home a fabulous new look but also provide outstanding protection against the elements. Many people may get caught up looking at the siding for only aesthetic goals, but picking a high-quality product built specifically for your climate will guarantee that your home is adequately protected.

Various materials work in different ways in different climates. It’s essential to know when to renovate your home’s siding.

For homeowners in Seattle, you’ll want to pick siding that can endure the humid weather that frequents the area. Additionally, you will want to find a certified installer to guarantee that your siding gets installed correctly.
At KV construction LLC, one of our favorite siding choices is James Hardie, which uses a functional system to generate products built specifically for the different climates present in the USA. In this guide, we’ll describe more about James Hardie siding materials and why we recognize them as one of the nation’s most dependable products for siding.
What Is James Hardie Siding?
​If you have ever been nearby a home with siding, it most likely is made of vinyl—the cheapest (and therefore most economical choice) in the nation for siding. You may have vinyl siding installed in your owned house. In either case, you may have noticed that vinyl materials appear a little flimsy. This material is cost-effective for those on a budget, but it may not hold up to the wind and storms for those who overlook the kind of weather found in Seattle City. This siding is susceptible to cracking, splitting, and fading over time.James Hardie developed fiber cement siding almost three decades ago to present a high-quality, durable siding that looked beautiful and served longer than other alternatives on the market. With over $100 million in experimentation and improvement, James Hardie has risen to the top of the industry as the top fiber cement siding brand in the US. It is also widely known as one of the country’s top siding products and a preferred choice for builders and home improvement contractors.

Why Should I Choose James Hardie Siding?
While James Hardie siding is more expensive than conventional vinyl siding, there are many causes why. James Hardie employs fiber cement boards, which are over five times thicker than vinyl. While this gives a higher level of protection, it also provides the boards more visual depth than vinyl, which results in a deeper wood grain surface for a more realistic appearance. Vinyl siding can even melt, break, and split under severe circumstances. James Hardie is also backed by a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, delivering the homeowner superior protection and peace-of-mind when investing in their home.
What Is The HardieZone System?
One of the unique features of James Hardie products is the HardieZone system. The Hardie Zone system guarantees its siding products engineered for the various climates that exist, providing you the best performance guaranteed for the country’s specific area where you live. James Hardie has engineered this siding with different execution attributes to ensure it will function at its best no matter where you may live.
The HardieZone system offers two separate systems: the HZ5 and the HZ10. One system for dryer, warmer climates, while the other for colder weathers. Looking at James Hardie’s map, you can quickly tell what kinds of weather each built for due to the covered states. Let’s take a closer look at each system and what they have to offer.
What Is The HZ5 System?
The first system to look at is the HZ5 system. The HZ5 system has a broader coverage area, taking up most of the northern and central states. This siding for climates that experience freezing temperatures, snow/ice, and excessive temperature fluctuations. James Hardie warranted that this siding looked as great as it performed with superior paint adhesion and moisture defense. Drip edge added to help provide the siding with better water control as well. This siding will sustain dimensional durability under challenging weather circumstances and is available in many different exterior patterns.
What Is The HZ10 System?
HZ10 siding system designed to take on Mother Nature’s fury in Southern states and some west coast. Engineered to take on the most rigorous climate, including hurricane-force gusts, salty sea air, and the deeper southern states’ humid heat, this siding is built sturdy. The HZ10 system boards are engineered to withstand rotting, breaking, splitting, and even swelling during the dreaded tropical storm seasons. If you are looking to keep your home looking excellent while owning a siding that can weather just about any storm, James Hardie’s HZ10 system is going to be a great selection. The HZ10 system is going to emphasize ColorPlus Technology, which offers excellent fade resistance in severe weather.
What Type Of Siding Is Available In The HardieZone Systems?
​Aesthetics do express when it comes to siding, and when it comes to beauty, James Hardie siding does not disappoint. Both the HZ5 and HZ10 are available in 6 different forms for a whole exterior remodeling. These types will involve lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim, and soffit. This collection will ensure complete coverage over your entire home and look as uniform as possible with high-quality products.
What Is The Best System For Seattle City Climate?
​When it comes to Seattle City, James Hardie offers HZ10, particularly for this climate. This system ideal for Seattle City’s salty sea air and humid, rainy weather. Temperatures in Seattle City vary from 37°F to 79°F, making it ideal for the HZ10 siding. As Seattle City does see a fair share of severe weather in wind and rain, the HZ10 provides superior protection for strong winds. The HZ10 will be more of a siding for states and cities that see brutal, humid heat and the possibility of hurricane-force winds. The HZ10 also resists cracking, splitting, rotting, and swelling season after hot, humid, tropical storm season.
James Hardie Siding Installation In Seattle City
Built on the philosophy of providing homeowners smart, permanent resolutions for the exterior of their home, KV construction LLC offers HZ10 siding installation services in the Seattle City area. With over 18 years in business, we have built an exceptional reputation for some of the industry’s best customer service and spectacular results. Our expert installers work to provide you with the highest quality installations with some of the industry’s best products.
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