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Modern Custom Home Siding Trends of 2024

modern design house is best type of siding for seattle wa
When the time comes to build a dream home, aspiring homeowners have a specific vision in mind. They want a home that’s just as functional as it is beautiful. All options considered should be high-performing, low maintenance, long-lasting, and highly durable. And of course, they must be installed by professional siding contractors in Seattle.We’ll take a look at a couple of custom trends to take the home market by storm next year, and can be installed by any qualified Seattle siding contractor near you. Let’s dive in!

1. Large Glass Windows

By asking your Seattle siding company to incorporate huge windows into your home, you may improve your siding’s aesthetic value while also expanding your views. This is especially great if your home’s location grants a breathtaking view. Simply adding more windows updates your home’s appearance and gives your interior a feeling of openness and airiness.Siding companies in Seattle will also tell you that curved panes are being replaced with bold, straight-edge windows for a more geometric, sharp appearance. You may benefit from large windows by installing modern, striking glass doors. Opting for the more natural illumination that glass windowing provides can also result in energy savings if properly installed by a Seattle siding contractor.

2. Contrasting Color Palettes

Although neutrals and traditional exterior hues remain some of the best-selling options provided by a qualified siding company in Seattle, the latest home exterior trends are shifting toward more color. Contrast’s newly-found popularity is derived from aspiring homeowners’ desire to install luxury facades, and modern contrasting designs are a great way to introduce fresh hues.To generate a more contemporary architectural style, add high-contrast trimming to darker home siding. Alternatively, you could also ask your Seattle siding company to add dark window frames to walls that are natural in color for an interesting, shadow-like appearance. Regarding colors, blues, charcoal, cobalt, and raw wood are all trending, particularly when combined with white accents.

3. Finishing Touches With Texture

Modern home siding concepts place a lot of emphasis on the home’s exterior textures. To break up the monotony of similar siding, the newest designs use accent gables, brick, accent trim, and accent walls. To detract attention from the curb, walls, gables, and peaks, they’re being given fish-scale shingles, wood grain textures, and shake siding by siding contractors in Seattle.The majority of home designs used to be simple, uniform, and focused more on the trim than on the texture. Homeowners simply want something different nowadays. You can ask siding companies in Seattle to match these textures with an off-color or entirely different tint in order to effectively stand out from the rest of the house, thus adding the finishing touches to your home’s curb appeal.

Closing Thoughts

From large glass windowing to adding texture as a finishing touch to your residence’s sidings, homeowners can’t go wrong with any of these choices – as long as they’re installed by a reputable siding company in Seattle. Stay ahead of the curve and impress your neighbors with outlandish stylistic choices that’ll make their jaws drop in 2024!