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Most Popular James Hardie Siding Colors?

james hardie siding collection color palette
James Hardie is a popular source of materials for siding contractors in Seattle. When it comes to colors for your home, the company has a wide variety of options for you to choose.

If you’re working with one of the top siding companies in Seattle, chances are they’ll offer many James Hardie product options for you to select from. Here are the most popular colors right now according to siding contractors in Seattle.

Light Mist

When you’re making over your home’s exterior with the help of a Seattle siding contractor, you need to consider the combination of colors you’re going to use. The wrong pair can ruin the place’s aesthetic and appearance.

Because of this situation, one of the most popular James Hardie colors for any Seattle siding company in 2022 is the Light Mist. It’s the best option you can pick right now if you’re looking for a neutral color that won’t clash with any trim color you previously chose.
Artic White

If you’re looking for a classic aesthetic that can blow everyone’s minds and boost your curb appeal, you should definitely go with Arctic White considering its timeless beauty.

This color from your siding company in Seattle is always quite useful considering that it can brighten up your house or building and make it look as good as new — that’s not something every color can provide.

Moreover, this Artic White from siding companies in Seattle can work perfectly with a brownish accent color since both of them complement each other.

Monterey Taupe

Modern colors are always a risky selection since their aesthetic is based on what many experts consider to be today’s beauty. Trends often change with time and eventually lose their appeal. However, if the color in question is also neutral, it can be a perfect pick considering that it will make the place you paint as classy as you can get.

Of course, the James Hardie siding color that provides these two elements is Monterey Taupe, which can go with absolutely anything. Ask your siding company in Seattle if they think this will suit your home well.

Mountain Sage

Greens aren’t so easy to combine with other colors and it’s a far more bold choice compared to neutral browns, grays, and whites. However, the Mountain Sage is a splendid green variation considering that it’s on the color’s lighter side, making it perfect to paint every part of the house you want to look stylish.

Green is always a color with a positive association. This can make your home look welcoming and inviting or even peaceful while showing off your style. What’s even better is that this siding color can easily be combined with the Light Mist one, which will give you the perfect pair.

Ask Your Seattle Siding Company for a Color Consultation

Not sure where to get started with selecting a color for your home’s exterior? Schedule an appointment with a Seattle siding contractor and see how they can help you find the perfect color.