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When planning home renovations, particularly when both siding and windows require upgrades, the sequence in which these tasks are approached is crucial for both cost-effectiveness and efficiency. KV construction LLC, located in Everett, Washington, offers expert guidance on tackling these upgrades strategically.

Understanding the Process

Window Replacement Dynamics

Replacing windows often necessitates adjustments to the existing siding. Specifically, the installation of a moisture barrier around new windows can interfere with siding that is already in place. This interference can necessitate the temporary removal or alteration of siding panels to fit the new window setup securely, ensuring that the moisture barrier provides adequate protection from potential water damage.

Siding Considerations

Conversely, installing siding first can complicate the window replacement process. The capping around the window frames, designed to seal the space between the window and the home to prevent leakage, may be damaged or removed during siding installation. This would require a subsequent replacement to maintain the integrity of the window’s installation, thus incurring additional costs.

Strategic Planning

Order of Operations

For most home renovation projects, beginning with window replacement is advisable. This strategy is beneficial because it allows any necessary modifications to the siding to be addressed immediately following window installation, thereby streamlining the overall process.

Integrated Upgrades

In scenarios where budget and project timing allow, undertaking both siding and window replacement simultaneously presents an ideal solution. This approach minimizes disruption to the household and reduces cumulative costs associated with separate renovations.

Project Goals

The primary focus of renovation could influence the decision-making process. For aesthetic improvements, both windows and siding play significant roles in enhancing curb appeal. However, if the goal is to enhance energy efficiency, window upgrades typically provide greater benefits, such as improved insulation and reduced air infiltration, which directly contribute to a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.


When deciding between updating siding or windows first, consider starting with window replacement to avoid complications and potential damage to new siding. However, assessing the specific needs of your home and discussing options with professionals like those at KV construction LLC will ensure that your home improvements are both effective and efficient.