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Re side and Beautify ​Your Home

Imagine a home that matches your personality and style. With KV construction you can create just the right look to transform your outdoor space.

Get That New Home Feeling

Give your home a welcoming and stylish look. Renovated home exterior with siding makes it easy for you and your family to have the curb appeal of your dreams at an affordable price. ​
​When you re side with new siding you can create just the right look to transform your outdoor space. ​Imagine a home that matches your personality and style.

Give your home a boost with fresh, stylish designs that were chosen with you in mind. Inspired by the fresh and beautiful designs you’ve come to expect from us, our new re side home collection goes a step further. With more than 200 stunning pieces featuring color palettes, we’ve given you the freedom to refresh your life and your home with something completely new.

We know how important your home is to you, and that’s why we work hard to ensure you’re receiving the very best service. In addition, we love creating stylish designs that fit your unique personality.

The wide range of products available in today’s siding market means it’s easy to reconfigure the outside of your home from traditional, to contemporary, to whatever suits you. The right siding can improve curb appeal, prolong the life of your home, and reflect your personality and style.

The first step to adding siding to your home is to choose a suitable siding material. With colors like elegant tan, striped rustic gray and classic beige, you can create just the look you want to match your personality and style. Side home has the benefits of being energy efficient and durable, all at an affordable price. And remember, safety comes first. Always make sure that siding is installed by a qualified professional.

With a variety of colors, shapes, and textures to choose from, there’s a siding that’s just right to enhance your home’s curb appeal. With all the benefits of new siding like energy efficiency, durability, and superior protection against the elements, you can create just the look you want, whether traditional or contemporary. Reside your home with new siding with KV construction siding specialists to renew its overall look.

1. Bring your home style up to date
2. Enhance your homes curb appeal
3. Attract more buyers
4. Extend the life of your exterior siding
5. Increase home value

Looking at a local Puget Sound region siding company to install your new siding? Then you have come to the right place as KV construction has the knowledge and expertise to offer you only the best products at competitive prices. We want to help you discover the perfect siding for your home. Receive professional installation and quality products. Fill out this form to get a no-obligation consultation scheduled now.