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Replacing Wood Siding With Vinyl

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​Choosing siding contractors in Seattle to replace wood siding with vinyl is a wise decision to modernize your home’s exterior and enhance its value.
Vinyl siding can increase your property’s curb appeal and improve the overall value of your real estate property.

Not only can you quickly replace wood siding with vinyl, but this home remodeling project can also preserve your money and time in the long run.

Vinyl vs. Wood Siding What is the Difference?

When it comes to replacing your house’s exterior, vinyl siding and wood siding are amongst the two most common choices.As the classic look of wood siding is evident, wood is continually exposed to the different elements. As with all-natural materials, wood can be affected by rain, wind, UV rays, and snow, causing it to deteriorate over time. The average lifespan of wood siding varies from 20 to 40 years, and that’s in ideal circumstances with regular preventative maintenance. It’s not uncommon for wood siding to rot, split, leak, and warp in as little as five to 10 years following installation, particularly in harsh climates.

Simply put, wood siding can look attractive and last for decades, but only if you invest in a very quality product and keep up a detailed maintenance schedule. Wood siding is considered to be the most costly of all siding materials. This is because wood is expensive to purchase, install, and support.

In contrast, vinyl siding is nearly maintenance-free. There’s no need to bother about staining or repainting, and today’s high-quality vinyl siding products are designed to persist stably in even the most severe climate states. One of the most well-known causes homeowners to replace wood siding with vinyl is eliminating the costly, time-consuming maintenance associated with wood siding.

Can you Replace Wood Siding with Vinyl?

Here at KV construction LLC, we’re frequently asked, “could you replace wood siding with vinyl”? And the answer yes; also, there are loads of causes why replacing wood siding with vinyl siding is the wise option for savvy homeowners.

  • Vinyl siding comes in a wide variety of styles and colors.
  • Today’s vinyl siding comes in various styles, textures, and colors, including Dutch lap, hand-split, and cedar.
  • Vinyl is strong.
  • High-quality vinyl siding can endure 40 or more years, and it needs minimal maintenance.
  • Vinyl seldom needs staining or painting.
  • While wood siding typically requires to be repainted every 3-7 years or restained every 3-4 years, vinyl siding rarely needs painting or staining. That can guide to essential cost savings over time.
  • Vinyl siding is environmentally beneficial. 
  • Unlike wood siding, which’s challenging to recycle and requires the continuous use of toxic sealants and stains, vinyl siding is popularly thought to be the siding material that is most environmentally friendly. Scrap pieces of vinyl siding 99% recyclable and can be remanufactured into a new siding and other products and materials.
  • Vinyl siding is affordable. 
  • Wood is no longer the most economical option when it comes to siding. Most wood siding products are significantly more expensive to buy and install than vinyl siding is.
  • Vinyl siding is reliable. 
  • When we are replacing wood siding with vinyl, we take the time to eliminate all the old wood siding and envelop the house with a moisture barrier. ​

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