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Siding Setup Success Tips

Carpenter installing cedar siding on a house with a background of Seattle's greenery.


Embarking on a siding replacement project is a significant undertaking that requires meticulous preparation to ensure a smooth process and flawless results. Here, we delve into essential steps homeowners should take prior to the arrival of the installation crew.

Property Preparation

Landscape Trimming

Trimming trees and bushes near your house not only enhances curb appeal but is crucial for preventing damage to new siding. Ensure a clear workspace by trimming overhanging branches and protecting flower beds with tarps.

Securing Outdoor Items

To safeguard your outdoor furnishings, relocate planters, furniture, and seasonal decorations to a shed or garage. This step prevents potential damage during the siding installation.

Interior Wall Protection

The vibrations from siding installation might affect items on your walls. Remove fragile decorations, pictures, and lightweight furniture that could be damaged by these vibrations.

Vehicle Parking Strategy

Given that your driveway may be needed for staging siding materials, consider parking your vehicles on the street. This approach avoids complications with driveway access during the project.

Family Readiness

Ensuring Pet Safety

The noise and activity could distress pets. Secure them indoors or arrange for them to be offsite, such as at a pet daycare, to minimize anxiety.

Child Safety and Comfort

Plan activities for children away from the construction zone to ensure their safety and reduce stress caused by the installation commotion.

Remote Work Considerations

The noise from the installation can interrupt work-from-home setups. Look into alternative workspaces like local co-working spaces or cafes if necessary.

Installation Team Coordination

Designating Work Zones

Allocate specific areas for the installation team to set up equipment and materials. Clear access to these zones facilitates an efficient workflow and helps prevent disruptions.

Communication with Contractors

Maintain open lines of communication with your contractors. Clarifying your expectations and any specific requests upfront can enhance the coordination and execution of the siding project.


Proper preparation can significantly influence the success of your siding replacement project. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a less disruptive, more efficient installation process. Engaging a professional team like KV construction LLC, especially for residents of Edmonds, WA, provides expert guidance and execution of your siding needs, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory outcome.