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Benefits of Hardboard Siding

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When pondering over home improvements, the quality and type of siding is a pivotal factor for many homeowners. Hardboard siding, often termed as “engineered wood siding,” has garnered quite the fandom. As a trusted name in the industry, KV Construction LLC firmly believes in the outstanding attributes of this material.

What is Hardboard Siding?

Engineered to perfection, hardboard siding is a product crafted from wood fibers, wax, and resins. Its unique composition gifts it the authenticity of real wood while ensuring it stands tall against wear and tear.

Fundamentals of Hardboard Siding:

  1. Wood Fibers: The foundational element that imparts the timeless wooden texture.
  2. Wax: An indispensable component, especially vital in places with fluctuating weather, like Seattle.
  3. Resins: They fortify the siding, promising longevity.

Why Hardboard Siding is a Top Choice at KV Construction LLC

1. Visual Splendor

Ask any Seattle siding contractor, and they’ll champion the unmatched aesthetic appeal of hardboard siding. For siding companies in Seattle, including KV Construction LLC, it’s a preferred recommendation for those valuing a harmonious blend of visual grace and strength.

2. Built to Last

Its inherent resistance to common threats ensures a prolonged lifespan. That translates to fewer siding repair Seattle concerns and more moments admiring your home’s magnificence.

3. Value for Money

Experience the elegance of real wood without the hefty price tag. Partnering with esteemed exterior siding companies ensures the quality of both product and installation.

4. A Green Gesture

Primarily created from wood fibers, choosing hardboard siding is an eco-friendly decision.

Installation and Upkeep: Tips from KV Construction LLC

Installation Wisdom:

Precision matters. Here are some pivotal pointers:

  • Rely exclusively on corrosion-resistant nails.
  • Ensure proper spacing between the boards, allowing for natural shifts.
  • It’s paramount to seal all edges, a vital step for the ever-changing Seattle climate.

Maintenance Mantras:

  • Consistent Cleaning: A simple mix of detergent and water should suffice.
  • Swift Repairs: Address tiny glitches immediately to avert larger issues.
  • Annual Overviews: An occasional check can spot potential challenges early.

Weighing Hardboard Siding Against its Peers

While hardboard siding enjoys its unique advantages, it’s beneficial to know how it fares against other materials:

  • Vinyl Siding: Might edge out in moisture resistance but doesn’t encapsulate the genuine wooden charm of hardboard.
  • Brick and Stone: Undeniably robust, but the costs can escalate, and they don’t capture the wooden allure many homeowners cherish.

Signing Off

When mulling over siding replacement Seattle options, hardboard siding deserves sincere consideration. With a reputable ally like KV Construction LLC by your side, your property is destined to be both aesthetically pleasing and enduringly resilient. Here’s to a home that seamlessly blends beauty with resilience!