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Understanding Exterior Paint Stains and Their Origins

Contractor cleaning algae and mold from vinyl siding of a customers home.

Exterior paint stains can be both an eyesore and a sign of underlying issues. At KV Construction LLC, we believe in not just addressing the symptom but understanding the root cause. This comprehensive look into various paint stains will help you identify and address them effectively.

Mildew on Exterior Paint

Mildew is a spore-based fungus that thrives on damp parts of homes. Often mistaken for dirt or rain silt splash, a simple bleach solution test can help differentiate. If it’s mildew, the stain will lose its color within a couple of minutes. Modern exterior paints are now designed to be anti-microbial, so if your paint is showing signs of mildew, it might be an indication that a repaint is due.

The Mystery of Ghost Stains

Ghost stains on exteriors can be perplexing. While some might be from external factors, like a rusting screw, others might indicate water seeping from within the walls. Identifying the source is crucial to prevent potential structural damage.

The Curious Case of Blue Stains

Blue stains often originate from a microscopic fungus that infects sapwood in trees used for construction. Although this blue staining doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the wood, it can run if the wood’s moisture content is high. Even if you use composite materials like Hardie planks, other wooden elements might be the source of this blue stain.

Water Soluble Wood Extracts

Cedar, a popular siding material, is known for its resistance to wood rot. This resistance comes from tannins and other extracts that the tree produces. However, these can run and cause stains if there’s a leak or condensation, resulting in light to dark brown stains on the exterior.

Iron Stains: A Telltale Sign

The industry standard is to use galvanized, stainless steel, or aluminum nails in areas exposed to moisture. At KV Construction LLC, one of the leading siding companies in Seattle, we ensure that nail heads are caulked to create a smooth painting surface and to seal out water. If inferior nails are used, they can rust over time when exposed to moisture, leading to recognizable light to dark orange or copper-colored stains.

Addressing Siding Stains

While siding stains can be unsightly, understanding their origin is crucial before attempting to clean or repaint. If you’re facing unusual siding stains or need siding repair in Seattle, don’t hesitate to reach out to KV Construction LLC. Our team of experts is here to help you maintain the beauty and integrity of your home’s exterior.