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What Is Hardie Board?

A siding contractor installing Hardie Board siding on a wall
The siding of your home is vital as, without top-quality protection, your house is at the mercy of the elements. You may experience moisture damage, among many other problems, which will only lead to further damage to your lovely home.Thankfully, you are in the right place, and the world of Hardie Board has opened to you. Siding contractors in Seattle will assure you it’s durable, highly appealing to the eye, and will last decades.

Understanding What Hardie Board Is

James Hardie® manufactures Hardie Board and is known by siding companies in Seattle for offering the best fiber cement material. Their product quality is unmatched, and although it’s synthetically manufactured, it offers an appealing natural and warm appearance comparable to wood.You can have Hardie Board installed by a trusted siding contractors in Seattle and you will be happy to learn that over 8 million American families are already satisfied customers of James Hardie®.

Hardie Cement Siding and Its Advantages

Although other materials may share some of Hardie’s traits, none come close to offering all that this option provides. It is steadily growing in popularity, and ultimate market growth is being forecast.Incredibly Durable

These exterior panels are more durable and long-lived than most other materials. When installed by a licensed siding company in Seattle, your panels can be expected to endure for anywhere from 30 to 50 years or even longer.

Low Maintenance

Sure, there are cheaper alternatives, such as vinyl, but these require far more maintenance. Hardie Board, installed by a reputable Seattle siding company, will require little to no maintenance.

Highly Resistant to the Elements

These panels will not leak or fade for years, and even fierce winds are no match for them. They are also fire-resistant.

Are Hardie Board and Hard-Board the Same?

Do not be fooled by the name; Hard-board is a particle board composed of wood fibers pressed together to create a dense material. It is mainly used for decorative purposes.Hardie Board will be your go-to when looking for siding for your home; there are alternative generic fiber cement materials, but none are comparable to James Hardie’s craftsmanship. So be sure to ask your Seattle siding company for James Hardie.

The Cost of Hardie Fiber Cement Versus Other Siding

Siding companies in Seattle love fiber cement because it offers excellent value and lasts longer, but you will need to realize that there are different prices for these benefits.For instance, it will cost you substantially more than vinyl but often less than wood, brick, or synthetic stucco material options. Something to bear in mind, though, is that the cost of labor varies when having siding contractors in Seattle install your fiber cement siding.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, by now, you are convinced that James Hardie fiber cement material is the way to go, as their products are unmatched and come with warranties to back up their quality. When installing fiber cement siding, ask a licensed Seattle siding contractor for help to ensure proper installation.