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What is Hardie ColorPlus?

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Hardie ColorPlus — your Seattle siding contractor has likely recommended it at some point, but what exactly is it? What’s it made of, and what are its benefits?

Let’s explore the benefits of Hardie ColorPlus and why you should hire a Seattle siding company for your home’s siding installation.

Hardie ColorPlus: An Overview

James Hardie offers fiber cement products infused with ColorPlus Technology. This proprietary finish helps keep the home exterior shining clean, offering homeowners a low-maintenance solution. It’s a popular option not only because of its low maintenance, but it’s also very durable, weatherproof, and UV resistant

Hardie ColorPlus is also available in many palettes, so you can find a color that compliments your home’s style. Thanks to its proprietary paint system, fade, stain, and UV resistance, you can enjoy your siding for many years, regardless of the climate in your region. Get in touch with a Seattle siding contractor to learn more!

The Benefits of Hardie ColorPlus

What makes Hardie ColorPlus so popular? As explained by siding contractors in Seattle, this material is:

•         Resistant to Weather and Insect Damage. Hardie ColorPlus is resistant to fading, staining, and insect damage. It resists corrosion and most types of weather in Seattle. This means that it will look great for years to come.
•       Durable. Fiber cement is highly durable, lasts for generations, and has various aesthetic options. ColorPlus paint coating is a high performance ColorPlus Technology in a way that no other finish does.
•          Low Maintenance. Unlike other types of siding, you don’t have to coat your Hardie ColorPlus siding with primer and paint. Instead, clean it from time to time and let it be.

The Colors of Hardie ColorPlus

Depending on the palette you choose, you can find many colors for Hardie ColorPlus.

ColorPlus siding comes in gorgeous and popular colors, such as taupe, grey, and beige. However, you can also find bolder colors, such as red, blue, yellow, and green. The cost of installation varies depending on the size of your house and the type of ColorPlus siding you choose.

How Can an Accredited Seattle Siding Contractor Benefit Your Home?

Siding contractors in Seattle can install your Hardie ColorPlus on your home professionally. When installing ColorPlus siding need to be extra cautious because of the paint coating that is already present on the planks.

​One of the great benefits of ColorPlus siding, especially for the rainy Pacific Northwest is that the rainy forecast is not an issue for your siding replacement project. Since this siding already comes pre painted, you are skipping the painting process which is heavily depended on the weather.​Therefore, you might want to schedule your installation whenever you want because weather won’t interrupt work, there’s less risk of damage to your property and you don’t need to paint siding after the installation. Once the siding installed you are done!

The siding company in Seattle will provide you with design advice if you’d like to install your siding in a specific way. They can also provide a warranty in addition to the manufacturers awesome warranty of 15 years to protect you if anything goes wrong with your siding.

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If you’ve been looking for local siding companies in Seattle to install your Hardie ColorPlus siding on your home, contact KV Construction LLC today. A renowned company in Seattle with years of expertise in offering superior siding options to Washington State residents and businesses. Get in touch for a free estimate!