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What Kills Mold on House Siding?

wall of old siding on a house
Few fears as a homeowner compare to finding those greenish-black stains on the siding that indicate the buildup of mold. Even if you aren’t allergic, those insidious growths can cause breathing problems as well as damage your home’s exterior.

If this is happening to you, it’s time to settle all that distress. You’ve got a siding contractor in Bellevue, WA, on your side that can make this problem vanish without a trace.

How Important is Mold Removal?

As an expert home siding contractor in Bellevue, we cannot stress this enough: if mold has appeared on any part of your home, the time to get it off is now.If you delay, it will fester and eventually cause rotting. While it’s eating away at your structure and its ability to keep you safe, it also pollutes the air in your house, making you more susceptible to illness.

Along with these serious concerns, it also severely decreases the curb appeal of your home, and the long-term damage can lower your property value.

Can I Do It On My Own?

Any home siding contractor in Bellevue would advise against this. You can try creating a homemade mixture, but these are often temporary solutions. The problem will still be lurking underneath, continuing the internal erosion.Plus, the rotting that has already taken place cannot be undone, meaning your house now has a vulnerable point. If the rot is extensive, replacing your panels might be the best option.

DIY mixtures are also easy to make a mistake with, causing you to create further damage or even risk your own health.The most effective means of removing mold is to get a Bellevue siding contractor to your house as soon as possible.

How Does KV Construction Kill Mold?

As one of the top siding contractors in Bellevue, KV Construction LLC can remove mold fast and effectively without damaging your siding or landscaping.Our first part of the process will be a free inspection to see how much damage is done. From there, we’ll decide whether repairs or a replacement will be needed. We promise you now that we will never charge you for services you don’t need.Once a thorough inspection is completed, our next step will be to decide what level of care your structure needs. As the most attentive and versatile siding contractor in Bellevue, we can handle everything from small fixes to complete replacements.

If you opt for a replacement, you’ll have brand-new siding that is untouched by mold or any other growth. The old panels will be thrown out, taking the infestation with them. The solution is immediate and permanent.

If you have a mold infestation, calling reliable siding contractors in Bellevue will save you money, time, and heartache.

Let Your Siding Shine!

Mold is a health hazard as well as an eyesore, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of it safely without professional tactics and cleaning solutions.

Let a siding contractor in Bellevue, WA take that job off of your hands and restore your siding to its original glory.