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What’s The Best Siding For Your Home?

siding on a house
Professional siding companies in Seattle, WA, know that siding can make or break your home. Not only does it shield the interior of your home from the elements, but it also affects property values.
Don’t let your siding fall into disrepair.
With KV Construction LLC, you’ll need the best material for siding install in Seattle if you aim to preserve your property for years to come, ensuring quality and longevity.
Here’s what siders in Seattle recommend.

Hardie Plank Lap Siding

As one of the most favored materials by siders in Seattle, Washington, Hardie Plank is a great option for siding. Hardie is durable and doesn’t absorb any moisture like other materials are prone to. When paired with a layer of waterproof house wrap paper, Hardie Plank siding can be energy efficient for homeowners.
Traditional and timeless. Sleek and strong. Hardie Plank lap siding is the most popular brand of siding in North America, protecting and beautifying homes.

Fiber Cement Board

Made from mostly recycled materials, fiber cement board is low maintenance. It can withstand the Pacific Northwest weather for years and tends to be fire-resistant. While it requires general maintenance, like painting every few years, to keep it looking fresh, you can just leave it alone for the most part.

Some other benefits of fiber cement siding are:

​-      Long Life Span

–      Versatility in Style

–      The Best Way to Emulate Wood

–      Installation Options for Aesthetics

​-      Resistant to Warping and Rotting

The downside to fiber cement siding is that it requires more manpower to deliver and install, and it’s time-consuming. Fiber cement is thick. This helps its durability but makes it a more difficult product to properly install.


When it comes to the most green-friendly option, siding contractors in Seattle can agree that wood is the best. Plenty of wood types can be used for siding, but cedar is a local wood renowned for its resistance to rot and swelling. Though more expensive than fiber cement and Hardie Plank, wood siding comes with a stained finish and lasts a long time.

The downside to wood siding is that it attracts insects, like termites, and absorbs moisture. It also offers little to no insulation and requires heavy maintenance compared to other materials.


If you’re looking for siding that won’t rot or snap off. Aluminum can keep your home well insulated and termite-free when installed properly. Some brands are recyclable and are made of recycled content, which is better for the environment than virgin aluminum.

One drawback is that aluminum can be dented easily and must be painted more frequently than other materials.

Prefinished Siding

ColorPlus Technology makes your house the talk of the block with color. For lasting color, only James Hardie’s exclusive ColorPlus Technology provides color you can count on. Between coats, this siding cured the finish in a controlled environment for an even stronger bond that resists chipping, peeling, and cracking.

Its also UV-Ray resistant. Vinyl siding and paint both fade in sun. ColorPlus Technology resists fading and looks good for longer.


When it comes to making sure everything is up to code, siders in Seattle, WA, will take care of your home with the proper materials. Look at your options to see what’s best for your budget and your lifestyle before reaching out to a siding contractor to renovate your home.