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Why Fiber Cement Siding is the Best Choice

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a homeowner is using the right type of siding. You must consider budget, style, and how it will raise the value of your home.

Fiber cement is one of the most durable materials available as long as a reliable contractor installs it.
Read on to learn all about the benefits fiber cement siding brings.

1. Cost-Effective 

The process of installing fiber cement siding will take several days. The wait is well worth it when it comes to siding install in Seattle. Material plus installation will cost, on average, $13,000 and last around 30 years.

​Cost per square foot will vary per the brand you purchase from or which siders in Seattle, WA you choose. Homes with unique layouts may cost more if they have difficult areas to reach.

2. Low-Maintenance

Fiber cement siding is very easy to upkeep. It doesn’t have to be cleaned often and when it does, you can easily do so by spraying water using your garden hose and wiping it down with a soft cloth. You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or power washing for this material. Many siders in Seattle, Washington don’t recommend it at all.

3. Durable

Fiber cement stands the test of time and handles well in many climates.

It doesn’t crack, warp, or dent easily. It offers excellent resistance and adapts well in many climates, from hot to freezing temperatures.

Siding companies in Seattle, WA share that fiber cement has several other essential qualities. Its composition is mostly inflammable, making it fire-resistant to direct flame and high heat. A lack of wood means it’s also pest-resistant, so you’ll have no worries about termites.

4. Many Styles to Choose From

Its range of styles only matches fiber cement siding’s range of durability. The panels are easily painted and mimic modern finishes, even wood grain.

The appearance comes down to your personal choice. It can be anything from a traditional plank style to brick or stone; the possibilities are endless.

This durable and stylish material will increase your home’s value, making it a great choice when you upgrade from your old siding.

When Should You Replace Your Siding?

If you’re switching from a siding like wood or vinyl, there will be noticeable signs that will indicate it’s time to change materials.

For wood, rotting and warping will eventually occur. When moisture enters wood siding, it crumbles and twists it, which likely means more damage is hidden beneath the surface.

Many factors will create a spike in your energy bill, and if you’re unable to find any way for wind to pass through your doors or windows, it’s likely passing through the siding.

Fiber Cement Siding | A Great Choice

The choice of siding for your house affects your home’s appearance, value, and durability. As a material holds up in variable climates that can mimic the appearance of most other sidings, fiber cement is an excellent choice for your siding upgrade.

Find experienced siding contractors in Seattle, and it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made for your home.