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Why Is It Called Board and Batten Wall?

board and batten siding house exterior covered with snow
Board and batten is a popular type of exterior paneling that is beginning to come back into fashion in siding. You may not understand the terminology behind board and batten siding, but siding contractors in Seattle will tell you there’s a simple reason why it is called that.This siding type has historical roots that date back to some of the first US settlers. The historical significance makes this look classic and timeless. It is also an excellent way for siding companies in Seattle to add texture to otherwise blank walls.

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About Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding derives its name from the way it looks and works. Thin strips of wood called “battens” are attached over the seams of long panels of boards. Appearance-wise, this emphasizes the seam to add texture to the wall.Battens not only have an aesthetic function, but they have a practical function as well. Putting these strips over the seams can help stop the cold weather or other elements from seeping through house or barn walls. This ensures that farm animals and family members can stay warm even in cold climate conditions, and it’s imperative in Seattle, as rainy days can cause mold buildup.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with board and batten panels, a professional Seattle siding contractor can help.


As any Seattle siding company knows, board and batten panels are typically very durable. They’re usually made of wood, but your siding company in Seattle may also use other materials, such as fiber cement, steel, or vinyl. All of these have different levels of durability, and you should speak to an expert Seattle siding contractor about what is suitable for your house.

These different types of panels can affect how weather elements impact your house. Contact a reputable Seattle siding company to learn more.

Different Board and Batten Styles

There are many ways to apply this type of exterior paneling to your home. Siding companies in Seattle may suggest the following variations:•     Altering the sizes of the battens. This could include thicker battens, thinner ones, or an alternating pattern of both.
•     Installing the panels vertically instead of in the typical horizontal layout.
•     Changing up the materials. This could mean using bricks, vinyl, or even metal in some areas.

All of these alterations can give your home a unique feel. Talk to professional siding contractors in Seattle about what might be best for your home’s design.

Things That Can Affect the Cost

Typically, the size of your home will be very impactful on how much you spend. A larger home will require more materials and labor. If you choose to go with a complicated design, that could also affect the price of the project.

Finally, various companies might use different quality materials. You could choose a cheaper option; however, this might be more expensive in the long run as it may not last as long.

The Takeaway

Board and batten wall panels have a classic look that brings a timeless style to any exterior. Contact KV construction LLC, a professional siding company in Seattle to learn more about this unique and eye-catching paneling.