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Will Siding Prices Go Down in 2024?

Should you wait for the moment when siding companies in Seattle suddenly drop their prices? When is the flash sale coming?Unfortunately, the answers are – no, and it’s not.

A Seattle siding company may occasionally offer a discount or incentives to schedule service. That’s quite different from an overall drop in prices.

Here’s why the cost of hiring a siding company in Seattle is unlikely to decrease and how you can still save money.

Investing in Siding Now is Your Best Bet to Save Money

The best time to hire a siding contractors in Seattle is…as soon as you need their services. Replacements aren’t going to get any cheaper because the cost of materials isn’t going to get cheaper. Wages also aren’t going to fall (hopefully!), so unless you’re waiting for your contractor to cut their staff’s pay, the most important costs are only going to increase.The best way to save money is by not waiting for prices to increase. Investing now gives you a wider choice of materials – for example, you might be able to afford top-quality HardiePlank on your current budget. Give it 2-3 years, and you may be forced to choose a cheaper option because the cost of materials has gone up.

Likewise, you can afford a top-quality Seattle siding company right now! That means a guarantee of superb workmanship and great communication. The longer you wait, the more work your walls will need, and you may have to take a cheaper estimate with fewer guarantees of quality.

What Makes Construction Prices Go Down?

The answer is… not much. The main costs of any siding company in Seattle are labor and materials.Labor costs rise with inflation. Meanwhile, the best siding contractors in Seattle seek out the best builders and offer them better wages – that’s why they provide better workmanship. A good company always pays its workers fairly.

Material costs depend on manufacturers. HardiePlank from James Hardie is the best material for the Pacific Northwest climate. It’s affordable and lasts for a very long time, but it’s not cheap to produce such high-quality products. Costs are unlikely to decrease significantly.

The only time costs dramatically decrease is when there’s a game-changing new innovation, i.e., a new, cheaper material is created. This doesn’t appear to be on the horizon, and most cost-effective innovations today turn out to be inferior to established materials like fiber cement.

How Siding Companies in Seattle Can Help You Save Money

Your Seattle siding contractor can help you save money by:

Using long-lasting products like HardiePlank.
Providing top-quality workmanship that increases the resale value of your home.
Offering financing options if you’re on a tight budget.
Regularly inspecting your siding and catching problems early – this means you won’t need to replace it as soon.

Final Thoughts

The best option is to schedule service from reputable siding contractors in Seattle as soon as possible. They’ll provide a full breakdown of costs – this means you’ll know where your investment is going.​First-class work using top-quality products pays itself back over time. Don’t wait!