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Wood Siding: A classic look

​Cedar siding is a beautiful alternative for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest looking for a beautiful, long-lasting exterior product.

High-quality siding may be a defining element of your home, and cedar siding is an ideal choice if you want to make a strong statement. It has a warm and natural appearance and is one of the most durable types of exterior siding on the market. Cedar lends character to any structure and gives it a distinct, distinguishing impression.

Cedar siding is manufactured from the evergreen cedar tree, which yields “soft timber,” lightweight, and simple to work with. On the other hand, this wood is solid and durable, with a beautiful tight grain pattern that helps it keep its shape in any extreme weather, making it ideal for the climate in Washington.

How much maintenance goes into wood siding?

Wood siding must be:
Cleaned yearly using warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush

Repainted every five years or as soon as the paint shows signs of wear.

What’s the best kind of wood clapboard siding for a house?

Redwood is one of the most preferred and durable woods used in siding.

What is the distinction between wood and clapboard siding?

Clapboard /ˈklæbÉ™rd/, also called bevel siding, lap siding, and weatherboard, with regional variation in the definition of these terms, is the wooden siding of a building in the form of horizontal boards, often overlapping.

How is wood siding made?

Traditional wood siding is typically made from redwood or cedar because these species have better resistance to decay. Wood siding is available in vertical and horizontal profiles and traditional shingles and shakes. It can be painted or treated with a stain or oil.

What kind of nails should be used for cedar siding?

Hot-Dipped galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel nails are all corrosion-resistant and can be used to nail cedar siding.

Can cedar siding be pressure washed?

Cedar siding can be pressure washed using a low PSI pressure washer or adjusting a pressure washer to its lowest PSI setting. This protects the cedar from being damaged by increased pressure because it is softwood. â€‹