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Your New Siding Installed In The Rain Or Winter?

house after rain
Siding is arguably the most important aspect of the repair or construction process of your home’s exterior. However, while it needs to get done, the timing also matters. Different weather and seasonal conditions will produce different outcomes for the final product.

Let’s explore the issues with installation in a suboptimal climate and why a Seattle siding company is the best thing you can have on your side during this time.

What’s So Bad About It?

There are a few key reasons you should save siding installation for a clearer day if possible.

The biggest risk brought on by rain is water damage. Without the help of siding contractors in Seattle, it would be almost impossible to accomplish your goal without getting some water trapped inside the siding. When this happens, the materials will become chronically damp. Therefore, you can expect mold to develop soon.

The issue most relevant to winter is the possibility of the siding suffering breaks and cracks because of the cold environment. The logistics of this problem are similar to when you’ve been outside for a long time in low temperatures and you feel your lips becoming chapped. Under these conditions, your lips are much more likely to crack than usual. The same thing can happen to anything that’s exposed to lower temperatures.

Is It Impossible?

In saying this, these projects can’t always be put off, and Seattle’s weather is known for often turning into rain. When you’re forced into these circumstances, some measures can be taken to keep the materials safe. Therefore, the shield between you and weather hazards will be as strong as possible.

The right siding companies in Seattle won’t need to be told to take these precautions. First, they will install house wrap. This will take the brunt of the rain and cold, so your materials will be preserved. In addition, they will keep materials stored in a safe place until it’s time for them to be pulled out.

Getting this job done is a priority once it’s started. If a project like this is left unfinished for too long, the materials will be exposed to the harsh outside elements of winter. Over time, the rotting process will begin, and if it’s put off for too long, you won’t even have anything viable to create siding with.

Make sure you’re in contact with a quick and efficient siding company in Seattle.

Get in Touch With a Seattle Contractor You Can Trust!

All this being said, you shouldn’t try to take this project on yourself. There’s the risk of injury, and this is also a home project. A mistake could mean compromising the security of your house, along with wasting all the money you spent on those materials.

Get a Seattle siding contractor you can trust, and ensure they take every precaution listed above. If they don’t, you need to find a different contractor who places the proper value on your house.