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DIY Siding VS Professional Replacement

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DIY Siding Replacement vs. Professional Replacement

Are you tempting fate and curious if you could replace your house’s siding without hiring siding contractors in Seattle? Many people attempt to take on the arduous task of house renovation on their own. Some are more successful than others, but before you get started, consider the good and bad points of DIY vs. professional siding replacement with the help of siding companies in Seattle, WA.

Are You an Experienced DIYer?

Be honest about your experience level if you want to replace your siding. It’s one thing to do a bathroom remodel or an interior painting job on your own. Replacing your own siding is a more difficult and dangerous task. Poor installation can leave your home vulnerable to leaks and damage, whereas hiring siders in Seattle, Washington can save you money in the long run.

Do You Have Enough Help? 

If you need to replace the entire exterior siding on your home, you may require assistance. An experienced DIYer could fairly easily tackle a small siding project, but it’s a different story when the size and requirements of the proposed project factor in.

Choosing to DIY: No Newbies Here

Siding installation is not a job for inexperienced do-it-yourselfers. If you have no prior experience installing siding on a house, it is probably best to hire a qualified contractor for the job. You will need all of the necessary tools, which largely depends on the siding material you choose.

Pros of DIY

•          It’s the best option for experienced do-it-yourselfers looking to undertake quick and easy repairs, replacements, or repainting on smaller sections of the home’s exterior.
•          You’ll save money by doing it yourself unless something goes wrong.
•          Work on your own timetable, with no interruptions from construction crews or material deliveries.

Cons of DIY  

•          You may end up paying more for mistakes if you have little knowledge or experience, or you may hit and damage the inner structure of the wall and need to hire a professional anyway.
•          For cutting, fitting, and installing siding, you’ll need a variety of specialty tools, and also safety gear for working at heights.
•          You may discover additional damage to your home once you begin the project and do not know how to recognize or repair it.

Working with a Professional Siding Contractor 

Hiring a professional for siding install in Seattle is safer than doing it yourself. Do your due diligence in finding the best contractor for your needs. Consider materials, tools, and the best materials at fair prices before deciding on a contractor.

Pros of Professionals

•          Gain peace of mind by working with a professional who has the necessary insurance, licenses, and certificates to protect you in the event of an emergency.
•          A good contractor provides you with a single point of contact to ask questions and stay updated throughout the process.
•          Warrantied work protects you if the work fails.

Cons of Professionals 

•          High labor costs can increase if additional work is required.
•          Availability and professionalism can be inconsistent.


Repairing and replacing siding can be a difficult task not for the faint of heart. If you’re just replacing a few vinyl strips, removing rotten shingles, or installing new fiber cement siding, hiring professional siders in Seattle, WA may be the best option.