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Preventative Siding Maintenance In Seattle, WA

When it comes to maintaining your home, very few areas are more important than the siding. It’s responsible for a huge part of the visual impact someone experiences while looking at your house, and, even more importantly, it’s your house’s main point of interface with the surrounding climate. If you don’t maintain it with help from siders in Seattle, WA, you could see extensive damage and high repair costs in the future.​Every type of exterior sidings requires different kinds of maintenance. Here’s how to prevent damage to your siding, depending on the material.

Wood Siding

Wood is a beautiful material for the exterior of a house, providing an elegant, natural aesthetic that works well with many styles. But wood also requires fastidious maintenance, as it is highly affected by weather, pests, and general wear and tear.

Wood needs to be retreated (painted or stained) at least every five years and more frequently under less ideal conditions (In an area like the Northwest US, with its notoriously damp and rainy climate, you’ll need to be diligent about re-treating your wood siding).  We recommend hiring siding contractors in Seattle that specialize in retreating wood.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a very practical and cost-effective option for a home’s exterior. It is considerably less temperamental than wood, and it does not require the same rigorous level of maintenance.

Even so, it’s important to regularly inspect your vinyl siding for warps, cracks, or trapped moisture, which can occur in the event of an improper installation, and to have good siding companies in Seattle, WA, on-call.

Once a year, we recommend washing vinyl siding; a simple garden hose will usually do the trick just fine.

Fiber Cement Siding

This type of exterior is a blend of sand, cellulose fibers, and cement. It can be crafted to resemble many other kinds of materials, like stone, wood, or brick. Because of its composite nature, it is more durable than virtually any single-material option.

As with vinyl, you’ll want to inspect your fiber cement exterior every year for signs of warping, mildew, or damage from the elements. Because of its strength, fiber cement has no problem with power washing, which you can plan to do every one to three years.

While this kind of exterior maintains its paint very well, you still may want to repaint every ten to twenty years if the color has started to fade.

Steel Siding

Steel is a popular material for a home’s exterior because of its durability and versatility. It is very resistant to the effects of weather and climate, but you should keep an eye out for scratches, which are more likely.

​Just like with fiber cement, the impressive strength of steel makes power washing very easy; it’s a good idea to schedule a power washing on an annual basis– you can reach out to siders in Seattle, Washington, to schedule a power wash.

Being Proactive Is The Key

While each kind of siding has its own needs and special considerations, the big picture across the board is the importance of being proactive, starting with hiring the right siding install Seattle professionals. Whatever material your house is made of, make sure you understand the maintenance required and act before you have a problem.