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Choose Pre-Painted Siding for Your 2024 Renovation

When living in Seattle, it’s essential to maintain your siding regularly. If you’re looking to install new siding, you may be presented with a choice. Should you have it pre-painted or paint it after installation?A Seattle siding contractor can help you decide. They recommend getting your fiber cement siding pre-painted most of the time. Here’s why.

1. Rain May Ruin Your Plans

On average, Seattle experiences 152 rainy days a year. This means it’s raining nearly half the year in Seattle! Even a tiny bit of rain could ruin your plans to paint. Therefore, having your siding pre-painted can help prevent this type of headache, putting a hold on your plans.

2. High Levels of Humidity

Not only is it extremely rainy, but even on dry days, the humidity is high in Seattle. Humidity can cause your paint to not “stick”, which can be detrimental to the long-term success of your paint.With an annual average humidity sitting at 73%, these are not ideal conditions for painting. This is especially true considering the recommendation for painting is a standing humidity of around 40%-60%.If your siding is pre-painted, it can be ensured that it is done in the correct conditions.
Working with siding companies in Seattle guarantees you get the most value for your money.

3. Particles Get Stuck in Your Paint

When you’re painting outdoors, you are working against the conditions of the outside world. Therefore, it can be easy for dust, pollen, and other particles to fall into your fresh coat of paint, giving it a rough or bumpy texture. This can make your exterior look uneven and sloppy.Machines in a painting facility are better equipped to create smooth, even siding. Human hands will have a harder time matching this quality.

4. Receive Complete Coverage

When you coat siding that is already on your house, you are only painting the top, exposed surface. However, painting all the surfaces can better ensure that you have a more durable coat of paint and a more even coverage.This can also make sure your exterior is more secure from the elements in the event that rain or humidity seeps into the cracks.

5. You May Not Have Access to the Right Type of Paint

Before calling a Seattle siding company, consider the type of paint you have access to.Fiber cement siding is a little more complicated and requires more than your average paintwork. Retail paint has the synthetic pigment mixed into a clear base, whereas paint made for fiber cement uses the pigment as the base. This results in longer-lasting, more durable results.

6. Durability

There is so much that works against you when you decide to paint the siding yourself. When you paint after installation, you’ll notice your paint will begin to look worn after a few months. A factory-applied finish will stay looking fresh year-round. Get the most bang for your buck, and reach out to Seattle siding contractors today!

The Takeaway

All things considered, there is no doubt. Getting your siding pre-painted is superior when compared to painting it after installation. Get in touch with siding contractors in Seattle to learn more!