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How to Determine When Your Chimney Chase Requires Repair

The Importance of Chimney Chase Integrity Your home is a sanctuary, a place where every element should function seamlessly. However, one component that often gets overlooked is the chimney chase. Unlike the rest of your home, chimney chases are usually added later and may not meet the same construction standards. This makes them susceptible to […]

Summer Home Siding Maintenance Tips

   ​Your home exterior is just as important as the interior. Siding gives your home an elegant and modern look. It is the first thing that people notice about your home from the curb. Take advantage of the summer weather to improve the appearance and correct all the damages that could have occurred due to […]

Seattle Siding Installation and Construction Blog

Welcome to our blog! Professional siding, windows, and doors installation is very important to keep inner house structure from damage. Here we will post helpful tips on the most important components of house exterior. We appreciate your interest in our blogs and for visiting KVconstruction.