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What is Better Than Vinyl Siding?

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If you’re considering upgrading the siding on your Seattle home, you’ll need to know the best materials for the Pacific Northwest climate. Vinyl is a popular option because it’s cheap and relatively low-maintenance, but is it the most suitable material for your home?

The best siding contractors in Seattle will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of each product before installation begins. Here’s a guide to whether vinyl is the right choice for you.

Fiber Cement vs Vinyl

Fiber cement is made of cement that has been strengthened with cellulose. This gives it an advantage over vinyl because it’s longer-lasting and more resistant to the elements. However, fiber cement is more expensive, which is why many homeowners opt for vinyl.

​If you’re considering installing fiber cement, your Seattle siding contractor will explain why not all fiber cement is created equal. For long-lasting protection, it’s best to invest in a fiber cement option like Hardieplank rather than go for the cheapest option, as this will give you better protection and an increased lifespan. We’ll cover Hardieplank products from James Hardie in more detail below.

Wood vs. Vinyl

Cedar is an enduringly popular material used by almost every siding company in Seattle. Its natural, beautiful appearance makes it a leading choice for homeowners looking to give their properties some curb appeal.

Wood can be a somewhat expensive option, and it’s also prone to wood rot, which is a problem in our rainy Seattle climate – this is why many people choose vinyl as an inexpensive and rot-resistant alternative. However, wood has superior insulating properties and resists impact damage more effectively. It’s also not prone to warping in heat or bright sunlight, which your Seattle siding company will advise is a drawback of vinyl.

Hardieplank Siding vs. Vinyl

So what’s an option that offers longevity, better insulation, rot resistance, and a more attractive exterior than vinyl? The top pick for your Seattle siding contractor should always be James Hardie products. Hardieplank siding is far superior to most fiber cement products and comes with a 30-year warranty – but can last as long as 50 years if well-maintained.

Its durability and longevity mean that it incurs much lower maintenance costs than other materials, and you won’t need to contact your Seattle siding contractor to replace it as often. This means that the one-off investment of cladding your property using Hardieplank more than pays itself back over time while driving down your energy bills.

Why Siding Companies in Seattle Recommend Hardieplank Over Vinyl

A good Seattle siding company will recommend Hardieplank over vinyl simply because it’s the best long-term option for the Pacific Northwest climate. It resists rotting in the rainy and freezing seasons, unlike wood. It also tolerates UV light in summer, a significant drawback of plastic materials. The best siding company in Seattle will offer these products at an affordable price and with a gorgeous range of color options, protected by a 30-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

Ask your Seattle siding contractor for recommendations before going for the cheap option. Hardieplank is a much better long-term investment than vinyl and gives you the best protection against the PNW climate.