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5 Major Siding Issues

There are few investments we will ever make as significant as a home. It’s only right that we take care of our valuables with regular maintenance and upkeep.

Exterior siding serves as a barrier against the elements, protecting the house from deterioration. Extreme weather events like humid, rainy weather and strong winds, which are more often in our state of Washington, take a toll on the outside siding of our homes.

If you see any indicators of siding issues on your house, you should get them taken care of as soon as possible. The following are five frequent problems with external siding and the reasons for each:

1. Moisture on Siding
​If you see any evidence of mold or mildew development on the siding of your home, you should contact a PNW contractor immediately. Not doing so might lead to a worsening of the situation, which could lead to damage to your windows and doors as well.

Moisture-related problems including mold, mildew, and decaying siding are all too typical in homes. Mold and mildew thrive in moist and humid environments. Water seeping into your wooden siding boards weakens and rots them, causing your home to fall apart.

The moldy or decaying part can be replaced with a new one if you notice the indicators quickly. We recommend that you evaluate your siding and drainage on a regular basis in order to avoid and detect moisture damage before it gets out of hand.

2. Cracking and peeling on siding
​Vinyl siding is susceptible to warping and buckling. Moisture seeping through your siding is the primary source of these problems.

The vinyl siding has to be able to move about when it is being installed. This is due to the fact that vinyl expands and contracts with changes in temperature.

Moisture can get into your siding through warps and buckling. As a result, mold, mildew, and rotting are all possible side effects.

3. Noisy Siding
​During the night or on windy days, squeaks, pops, rattles, and other similar noises may be produced by siding deterioration.

If you have vinyl siding, it is possible that the noises are caused due to improper installation. Vinyl siding that is nailed down will fracture and pop when it expands and shrinks. Wooden boards may break free over time or in harsh weather, such as strong winds or storms.

4. Fading Paint

​There’s a good probability that flaking paint on the interior of your home is also present on the exterior. This is a problem that frequently affects the areas surrounding doors and windows.

The sun’s UV radiation and heat can cause peeling paint and faded color, respectively. Moisture and poor wall adherence may also be at blame.

When the paint on a house’s exterior is peeling, the walls are open to the elements. Damage may be done both inside and out when more heat and moisture are allowed to enter.

5. Warping Siding

Warped or bulged siding can be the result of bad weather, poor installation, heat, or just time​. Even if your siding is made of a durable material, it can still be damaged by extreme weather.

Damage to your roof, gutters, and windows can result from hail and strong winds, which PNW residents occasionally encounter. Cracks and holes can also be caused by falling tree limbs and other projectiles, such as rocks.

Small cracks and punctures in your siding can get larger and lead to more serious issues if they are not addressed. Mold and decay can develop if water penetrates the siding. This might lead to further damage to the siding or wall if water collects inside it and freezes.

Resolving Issues With Your Home’s Exterior Siding

​It is important to address any symptoms that your home’s outside siding is in need of repair as soon as possible.

The foundation, insulation, and energy expenses of your home may be jeopardized if exterior siding problems go unaddressed. Maintaining your home’s siding is an excellent way to both enhance its curb appeal and protect it from the weather.

Repairs should only be done by a reputable and experienced contractor in Washington. The best way to maintain a beautiful house façade is with regular care and the help of knowledgeable partners.